Welcome, I'm Brooklyn.
If you want to take a walk across the bridge between dramatic and sometimes naughty, that’s where I reside. I’m Brooklyn, drama author and resident comedian (in my head and through my words, of course, wink).  I write stories for the people who love to touch and be touched; the unapologetically sensual and sex loving adult. My daytime duties involve a Macbook Pro, photos and some other characters that have me wrapped up in their world.  I’m a story teller.

Some of my favorite things involve the story behind the sex, and all the fun ways I can put the characters into, on top of and around each other.  Inspiration for me can come from anywhere.  

I write with a few other authors under the mentorship of jaha Knight. Drama Queen Books Story Studio is our writer’s haven. We have a lot of fun making up storylines and characters you can believe in, fall in love with or even hate. These books and plans have been some years in the making so I’m glad to finally see them hit the shelves and live on your digital screens. If you are a budding author, check in with her and her Write On Academy for authorpreneurs. It’s great!

Personally, I live with my husband in a beautiful cabin in the GA mountains. Don’t worry, we have indoor plumbing and running water (I made sure we took care of that before we moved in). I live with my head in the clouds and he is the more practical of the two of us. My favorite holiday is my birthday and Mother’s Day.

We have a dog and two cats, Lucy and Ethel who take enormous pleasure in torturing the dog, Ricardo. I am a full-time author and my husband is an engineer. I enjoy what I do tremendously and hope that you are living out your dreams, too.

2018 Book Release Schedule...
Satin Room Series Books 1-4 
Stories that make reading irresistible. Click the images below to read the book description and purchase.
Satin #1
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 1/15/18
Milk Chocolate #2
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 2/12/18
Blow #3
Brooklyn Gesher
Release  3/12/18 
Purr #4
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 4/9/18
Black Love Tease Romance Series Books 1-3 
Unchain My Heart #1
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 5/14/18
Second Time Around #2
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 6/11/18
Makes Me Feel Like Paradise #3
Brooklyn Gesher
Release  7/9/18 
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