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Fox-y Empire Drama

So I’m watching Empire tonight and I’m reminded of something yet again.

What is that, you ask? Well I am reminded of how much I love drama television. I can’t wait to turn my novels into tv shows!

I just saw another episode of Empire and it is heightened drama at its finest. No where near as fast paced as Scandal but still with intricate story lines that make you want to just hug a kid who lost their mom to a drug charge at a young age. All of those boys have issues. The oldest one liking nothing but white girls who let him dirty d*** dog them down to the youngest one calling ole girl his ‘mama’. It’s just weird. But the show is great and the dynamics between the characters is compelling.

Although I am no fan of Lucious, I can’t help but want him to win. Then in the next breath when he’s dealing with Jamal, I want him to lose. He straight up shot Bunky in the face in the last episode. Bunky did pull a gun on him, though. I have always been of the mind that if you’re going to pull it, you’d better use it.

I don’t know how Lucious escaped with nary a bullet in him but suffice it to say, Bunky had some softness in him. I would have had my character shoot him and move on. That would have been the end of that ALS shaking him to death.

I love Taraji’s character, Cookie. Cookie still seems to have a soft spot for her husband and he for her despite him being married to ole debutante whats-her-face. << who I can not stand. I just wish she would go away but of course for character development and to throw a monkey wrench in things being smooth, she can’t just wither into a hot ball of silliness. He can’t talk to her and if she were a more observant gold digger…um I mean wife, she would know that something is wrong with him. Yeah, he’s sick girl.

Dre’ the oldest son; he’s a piece of work. He’s bipolar and he’s a conniving son-of-a….well Lucious. He’s married to a woman that puts on a bib to give him oral. I don’t know what kind of …I’ll just leave that there. Then there’s Jamal he is the son who is gay. He’s Jurnee Smollett’s brother! I was like look at him. Out of the three sons, he’s the most talented. He writes and arranges music but because he’s gay, Lucious treats him like trash. No seriously, he actually threw this child into the trash. How horrible. I don’t think I could deal with someone who treated The Kid poorly. Well I know I wouldn’t. Then there’s the youngest son…totally selfish and a psuedo Chris Brown without the face punching and slapping of women. That swift butt whuppin Cookie put on him in the first episode was completely justified. That was great. I’m up to three episodes on this show (that’s all they have at the time I’m writing this) and I plan on watching all of them. Just like Black Ish, this is a great show.



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Soulphisticated Ladies Cast

Selah Femme-Divine Selah Femme-Devine:

Selah– a name found commonly in the book of Psalms.   All the earth bows down to you; they sing praise to you, they sing praise to your name. Or pause and calmly think about that.

Devine– means by or as if by supernatural means: augur, foretell, prophesy, soothsay.

Role in Story- The heart of the Soulphisticated Ladies.

Occupation- Sr. Marketing Director

Status- Married

Character Interview: Selah Femme-Devine – End of Season 1

If you are in an abuse situation or know someone who may need help, call 1-800-799-7233 or visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline. The author of Soulphisticated Ladies highly advocates safety for her readers as she too has been a victim of domestic violence.  


Vashti Grier

Vashti Grier:

Vashti-means beautiful, the queen of Ahasuerus, who was deposed from her royal dignity because she refused to obey the king when he desired her to appear in the banqueting hall in the book of Esther.

Grier-means watchful 

Role in Story– Agitator of the crew

Occupation– Owns Sucre’ & Spice Bakery

Status– Single

moriaMoria Harding:

Moria – means my teacher is God

Harding– means son of the courageous one

Role in Story – Classic absent minded professor with a bashful, nerdy nature.

Occupation– She’s an English professor, at Redmere University.

Status– Married



genniferGennifer Broust:

Gennifer: means fair and soft

Broust: means “Lamb of God”

Role in Story: Keeps the girls on an even keel— tries to maintain the balance and harmony in the four-group clique.

Occupation: Owns Horizon House with mom, Dahlia “Mama D” Broust 

Status: In a relationship