• The Jennifer Lewis of Mothers

    ConversationsWithTheKid‬ Me: Cats are people spirits trapped in animal bodies. The Kid: *Brow raise* Me: Really. Yesterday I watched a cat bothering a bird in the tree in the backyard. I tapped the window ONCE, it looked straight at […]

    by jaha
  • Conversations with the Kid 3:: Water & Race

    Me: Why do you have that dirty bucket in my kitchen sink?The Kid: I’ve been challenged.Me: To what, a dirty bucket duel?The Kid: No mom, the ALS Challenge.Me: Put that bucket back in the garage. The Kid: But why? […]

    by jaha
  • Conversations With The Kid 2:: Hello Kitty

    I just found out Hello Kitty is not a cat. It is very disturbing. Folks know I love this cartoon. Turns out she’s a girl and not a cat. A girl. With Whiskers and cat ears. Post by Jaha […]

    by jaha
  • Jaha & The Kid 1 – Itsy Bitsy Spider

    I have a kid and we often do silly things together. Especially since she’s a teenager. That is the beauty of having a teen. But a friend of mine is always saying, “You two should have a tv show.” […]

    by jaha