• SP 5×05-You Got Served


    THE INTIMACY OF POWER: HOW CYRUS GOT HIS GROOVE BACK (HOW TO GET AWAY WITH WEST ANGOLA) Charlotte brings Cyrus into the Oval Office. Fitz sets his drink on the desk. Fitz: Cy. Cyrus: Mr. President. Fitz: Have a […]

    by jaha
  • Mellie Wants to Know, Where’s my Hooch?

    Olivia stumbles upon Mellie rummaging for something in the back her of walk-in room sized closet. Mellie: I’m looking for my hooch. You didn’t drink it did you, Olivia? While you were sleeping in my bed like Goldilocks? Olivia: […]

    by jaha
  • The Puppet Becomes The Master…

    Lizzie sits in silence in Mellie’s Senate office as Mellie reads a document. Lizzie: Mrs. Grant… (Mellie raises one finger, then signs the document. She abruptly lays down the pen and folds her hands, giving Lizzie full attention.) Mellie: […]

  • Mellie & Fitz Divorce Conversation

    Mellie and Fitz enter a parlor to have a private conversation after her swearing in as a United States Senator. Mellie: I just wanted to thank you for coming today… Fitz: Mellie… Mellie: …and I wanted to apologize. I […]

  • Queen Isabel There May Be No Happily Ever After, But…

    The Queen Isabel stands presiding in ceremony over Princess Emily’s casket before boarding the Royal plane back to Caledonia. Olivia and Prince Richard enter and stand beside and behind her. Queen Isabel: What is SHE doing here? Richard: You […]

  • Scandal 4×11 – Fitz in the Oval Office Scene

    THINGS GO DEEP (SHIT) AT THE WHITE HOUSE (Fitz is pacing the Presidential Seal in the Oval Office) Fitz: Charlotte!! (Charlotte peeks in) Fitz: Ring Jake Ballard…find Cyrus…I want the heads of the CIA, FBI and the NSA in […]

  • Scandal 4×11 – Sell Me On The Open Market

    (Olivia sits alone in her , Ian enters with a newspaper) Ian: I thought you should see the damage you’ve wrought. The headline reads: “U.S. Suffers Casualties in First Day of Combat” Ian: (sarcastically) Thank God for those policies, […]

  • You are not Olivia (Scene)

    YOU ARE NOT OLIVIA…YOU WILL NEVER BE OLIVIA (STOP HATING ON OLIVIA) Scene from “Like Father, Like Daughter“, Scandal Episode 4×4 (Abby is in the press grotto giving a briefing when she notices Huck and Quinn in the White […]

    by jaha
  • The Tale of Two Paternity Tests

    TEST #1 There are a couple of time sequence issues in Episode 317, Flesh and Blood may have caused a huge bit of confusion. First let it be understood that Leo and Papa Pope were working together and that […]

  • IT’S 1976 DOWN THERE

      [ Listen to the Randy, Red Superfreak and Julia  episode of the Scandal Podcast ] (Mellie dangles her feet over the White House balcony with a drink in hand) Fitz: It’s getting cold, you should come in. Mellie: Why? […]