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Scandal Episode 6×10 – The Decision

Scandal Podcast

Thank you all for your patience on this episode of Scandal Fan Podcast. Unfortunately it is late due to my
sudden illness and hospitalization. I appreciate the outpouring of love you all showed via the live show and
on twitter. Thanks so much for your prayers and your ongoing support. – jaha

Check out this episode of the Scandal Podcast. The team had a great time.

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Scandal Episode 6×8 – A Stomach for Blood


I haven’t had a stomach for anything except nausea medicine for the past 3 days, so the views of this lady podcaster may reflect only her desire to feel better.

We had a heated discussion on the show on Sunday. It was full of our opinions and what we think about what happened on our tv screens.

I am personally tired of seeing Frankie get shot or even aspects of election night since we have seen one rewind of it too many. Langstan of course disagreed because this type of sleuthing is right up his alley.

What I really want to know is how Huck gets rescued and I’d love to know who puts a bullet between Meg’s betraying ass eyes. I hate that chic. How dare you SHOOT HUCK? But that’s neither here or there, that will come during this week’s episode.

I’ll have a lot more to say then.


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Scandal Episode 6×5 They All Bow Down

Scandal Podcast

In season 6, episode 5 Mellie and Olivia have had enough of Vanessa’s shit.

Vanessa spent all episode crying and whining after Jake. I guess I can see
it for the point that she loves him but honestly, she doesn’t even really know him.
And that’s the crux of the problem isn’t it? How many of us have “fallen in love” with
men we don’t really even know only to peel back the layers of the person and find a bunch
of yuck underneath…?

Then the one time we think Jake is going to give in and give this poor chile what she wants,
he just wanted her to lay close so he can rest his hand around her throat and perhaps send
her to the sunken place.

Jake who once told Olivia that they could live down the street in an ordinary house, have ordinary kids and live an ordinary life doesn’t want any parts of those shenanigans with good ole Vanessa.

And I feel for her in a way – she’s just not the woman he wants.

When a man doesn’t want you in that way, he doesn’t want you. Nothing you say or do…
no nagging or waterworks, no ultimatums will make that happen for you. And I believe
this is what we’re seeing here.

Mellie, similarly eschewed once Fitz fell in love with Olivia comes to the house to
give her a melanin free Maya Angelou “still I rise”esque pep talk and Vanessa somehow
now rallies a bit to see a new way to live life… but for how long? We’ll see on the next episode of

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Scandal Episode 6×4 – The Belt

Scandal Podcast

What did you think about The Belt episode of Scandal?

“It felt like a special Oz episode of Scandal, then in Scandal style shit picks up in the end and you’re like awwww, what’s happening?!” – Katrina Pavela

“I thought it was one of the best episodes that Scandal that we’ve had in a long time.I enjoyed it because I’ve been saying for years that Cyrus has to pay for what Cyrus has done. ” – Elde’a Harris

“For me the opening sequence was everything that Tom wished for him…” – Langstan

In the opening sequence it seemed like he was in shock until they told him to bend down and spread em… he even seemed to want to say something to David when they first arrived at the prison. There is a significance to this title sequence that we haven’t seen before – when Tom was arrested for Lil Jerry, when Poppa Pope was arrested on the faux charges that they set up – we didn’t go through this much detail but with Cyrus we did.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene – he was asked his name and Shonda took us through the process of him being processed into the prison system. Did that generate sympathy for Cyrus on your part?

Katrina has sympathy for Cyrus.

“Everything Cyrus does has been for the good of the republic.” – Katrina



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Scandal Episode 6×3 – Fates Worse Than Death

Scandal Podcast

On the Fates Worse than Death episode of Scandal, the one thing we were able to agree with was –

Olivia and Cyrus are both suffering from PTSD when it comes to their work with Fitz, lol.

We also saw in this episode the lengths that Elizabeth North with go through to be a part of the agenda – any agenda. She has no party loyalty and she has no self-respect. Is power that much of an aphrodisiac that some people will align with anyone? Cyrus is a “democrat” now – ran on a democratic ticket and Elizabeth North is a staunch republican so that was a confusing move for her coming to Cyrus’ rescue.

We did talk extensively about Charlequinn and why Charlie and Quinn are an item and what Quinn’s needs are – there have been several conversations about Charlequinn this season. Something is a bit odd about their increasing affection and him distracting her from her job constantly. But I wonder too if Huck is a bit jealous of their relationship.

What if Huck still wants to be with Quinn? Have we seen Huck be with anyone other than Quinn and Kim in Scandal?

And correction from the episode, Scott Foley directed it and did a great job from the entire team’s perspective.

Fates Worse than Death was a really good episode.

I didn’t know we’d get such a look into Cyrus’ mental. I loved the closet panic scene. I think Michael gets the MVP award for being such a ride-or-die but I would (were I Michael) have punched Cyrus in the face – knowing that he’d been unfaithful AGAIN and said he wouldn’t. I’m sorry ya’ll that’s just real. That would have been an accidental reflex of a woman scorned. So because he didn’t do anything violent against Cy – I give him the episode MVP award.

Check out the episode and tell us what you think! And don’t forget to join us in the After Dark.


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Scandal Episode 6×2 – Hardball

Scandal Podcast

“Are you crying? There are tears in your eyes” – Quinn

“You’re embarrassing us…” – Huck

The Hardball episode of Scandal…

Started out with a cute scene between Huck, Quinn and Marcus in a flashback of Mellie accepting the RNC nod.

We did get a lot of flashbacks this episode. It was nice to figure out how Marcus made his shiny lip to the White House. I think #Marlie is the most awkward couple in tv history.

They have absolutely no chemistry. But they were on my screen anyway – awkward kisses, smelling hair and psuedo heat.

How can heat be cool? They have no chemistry. Anywho…the show was great and we had a good time on it.

Check us out on Sundays at 2pm EST for the live review.

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Scandal Episode 6×1 – Survival of the Fittest

Scandal Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, we review Scandal’s premiere back from the season 5 break.

We didn’t explore this on the podcast, but the episode is titled, “Survival of the Fittest.”

So who’s fit and who’s unfit? As a Darwinian concept that is a question we have to ask.

On one hand we have the Vargas and Beene ticket and on the other hand we have the Grant and Ballard ticket.

Vargas is political jesus according to Cyrus. He’s truly good and well-intentioned. But the ticket is balanced by Cyrus’ not so good intentions and his easy manipulations of people so he can get what he wants.

Mellie is not as bad as Cyrus but she also wants what she wants when she wants it, right?
Jake is just…well Jake has racked up a body count bigger than any other character on Scandal….well maybe Huck evened that body count with the jurors.


Either way it’s Survival of the Fittest

and on the episode we cover what we interpreted from this episode. We talk about:

  • “MARLEY” Marcus and Mellie’s relationship and what may have happened there
  • President Elect Vargas and the 3 shots fired
  • The flip flop of Mellie – from not wanting to concede, to settling for the feeling of defeat, to deciding that the Presidency is exactly what she wants
  • The Mellie and Olivia conversation….is this a continuing theme from Season 5?
  • Is there significance in the county where Mellie suspected voter tampering?
  • You can click the button above and listen to this episode now…it is of course….epic 🙂

Can’t wait for you to join us. Don’t forget to come on in the room when we record the episode. You can chat back and get your thoughts out about the questions we ask during the episode. And you get access to the show before our other audiences do.