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Before the Scandal Season 6 Premiere

Scandal Podcast

Scandal Season 6 premieres tomorrow and I am super excited.

But before we move on so quickly, let’s refresh ourselves with the season 5B shenanigans so we are well prepared for season 6.

On this week’s podcast, Elde’a and I held it down and talked Fitz, Olivia, Cyrus, Abby, Mellie, Huck and Quinn. We went through the Susan Ross suchnots and in the afterdark we talked Scandal Love Triangles…It was off the hook in the Afterdark. We had some fun times in there on Sunday.

Oh! Speaking of Sunday – don’t forget, we record Scandal Podcast each week on Sunday at 2pm EST for Season 6. You can join us and let your voice be heard in response to our discussion on the show. Share this with a friend that loves Scandal!

Back to the conversation at hand, shall we?

I enjoyed the evolution of the characters in season 5 as a whole. We didn’t see a lot of emotional stunting and I actually saw why Olivia could possibly have love for Jake. Now you know if you listen to episodes past, I have no huge love for Jake but I did voice this new opinion on the show and of course the reaction was legendary. If you listened to us last week, you’ll know that the fans on THIS Scandal Podcast have a deep and visceral reaction to Jake from State Farm…but my turning point was In 5×18, Pete Harris becomes Jake Ballard.

Are you of the same opinion as the live audience, fellow fan or did you give Jake a chance after that episode?

See the irony is, in season 6 either Jake and Mellie or Cyrus and Vargas will become potus and vpotus.

One of two scenarios will emerge.

Jake and Fitz will sort of switch positions in Olivia’s life.

Cyrus will have won over Olivia.

Either way some things are about to come out in the wash.

Should Vargas win over Mellie – Olivia has something on Cyrus. Should Mellie and Jake win, well Cyrus just loses. Let’s see how angry and vindictive that would make Cyrus.

This is going to be a magnificent season. Check out this episode of the podcast. We had a great time.

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Scandal Podcast with the Season 5A Rewind

Scandal Podcast

Scandal Season 5 A Rewind was so much fun…

We discussed several pivotal moments during season 5 and we got to catch up with our fellow hosts. And we’re sure that season 5B rewind will be just as good. Tune into this episode to see how much we enjoyed ourselves during the podcast.

Now let’s get on with it…

Who would have thought that after 5 entire seasons of Scandal, a step back would actually bring me more perspective to the show. Would actually have me empathizing with Jake and wondering if Fitz (in some instances) had bumped his damn head? I sure wouldn’t have, but turns out…

That’s exactly what happened.

During this episode of the podcast, we cover Scandal Episodes 5×1 to 5×9 and when we come back next week we’ll be gearing up for Season 5B. So put your Scandal dancing shoes on and tango with us on the live show because that’s genuinely where all the fun is. You get to chat back with us as we discuss the show because we’re all fans and we love having our opinions heard.

Eldea shared her fave episodes of season 5A and Langstan jumped on just in time to share some of his more pressing thoughts about the episode.

We had much more to say in the Scandal Podcast After Dark, though. There Langstan was able to express the fullness of his ideas. I have no doubt that if Katrina was on this episode, she would have had a lot to say as well. Overall it was a good time had by all but you wouldn’t know unless you click the button above and check us out.

Next week we’ll cover more of Scandal Season 5

I can’t wait until the live show because I have some opinions and insights about the Abby/Olivia relationship this season and I’ve been itching to get it out since the rewind rewatch!

Woo! See you on the other side, fellow Scandal Fans!

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Scandal Return Date for 2017 Comes Just in Time to Get out of Rehab

Scandal Podcast

ABCs hit TV show Scandal is returning.

And if you don’t have January 19, 2017 circled in permanent marker on your desk calendar, I don’t know what life you’re living.

With it’s twisty plotlines and Olivia Pope strut…Scandal has a permanent tattoo on my breast bone.
Even camera clicks make me feel some kinda way…Did you hear me? Shonda has ruined cameras for me…
You know sometimes I find it hard to believe that Kerry Washington is the same
girl in that movie, Save the Last Dance. I even forget that Joe Morton was a Blues Brother and Whitley left him at the altar…woo Whitley is lucky, if he’d met Scandal first, she would have been the one locked in a bunker for her entire kid’s life…Maya girl you need to track Whitley down and whup her butt because she ruined Poppa Pope before yall even had a chance..

But back to Kerry…

Who knew years later she’d be on a change making hit tv show, fast walking,
fast talking, loving two men and having abortions live on tv? She was just talking about getting home to
her son on Save the Last Dance on tv yesterday…at least it feels like yesterday.

And Tony…he was always a murderer, yall.
Let me not bring up Ghost…he killed Sam! What did Sam ever do to him? I’m sure Shonda pitched
the role to him and said he’d be a slightly sleezy president and Tony said, “I’m cool with that…after your first
tv murder, the second gets easier…” Verna…yall remember Verna – a perfectly nice ole whistle blowing lady
and Fitz smothered that ass with a pillow. A pillow…I’m laying on a pillow right now and quite frankly
I don’t think it’s cute to be smothered by one. They’re so comfy and unassuming…
Unless you played in Ghost, lol…

I believe I was watching Criminal Minds and Bellamy Young played Hodge’s girlfriend. You remember Hodge, right
The real guy got kicked off of Criminal Minds quite recently and I don’t know how that franchise will survive losing Shemar Moore AND Hodge (Ok so I didn’t google his real name) but I know some Shemar Moore…that man just gets finer with every turning of the year. Yes, Jesus…But back to Bellamy – she was also brave. Dating a man whose wife was brutally murdered by an obsessed serial killer. Becoming the manipulative, woe is me Mellie had to be an easier role to take on.

But that’s their pasts, right?

We’re Finally going to Focus on Scandal Return date 2017 – January 19

I have to admit in the past to be skeptical of the prowess of the show. Wondering if
like old boyfriends, I would lose interest quickly and let go, but it’s been years and
It still holds my attention.

Men take note. Give me twisty plots and camera clicks and I could be all yours. This 1978 model is drama free and she has a Poppa Pope of her own…so be cautious.

Our show, the Scandal Fan Podcast is also returning, better than ever in Season 6. 

But before that happens, we’re taping a live #ScandalRewind Season 5 episode. We’re going to recap the season and get prepared for Season 6. If you’d like to join us, you are more than welcome to do so. Details happen when you click the link above. Until then, buckle up fellow Scandal Fans, we’re about to get back on and ride this bucking bronco of a show…until the dj turns the house lights back up and our sloppy drunk friends are hoarse from cheering on the sidelines.


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SP 5×07 – Even The Devil Deserves a Second Chance


(Thanks to Maretta Jackman for the transcription of this scene – Langstan…see this? LOL)

CYRUS: Just the woman I wanted to see. Heading back to the office or just out for a victory lap?

LIV: I have somewhere to be.

CYRUS: Surely you’ve got a minute for an old friend. Or maybe I’m not your friend anymore, because if I was, I would have gotten a heads up about Lizzie North’s new job.

LIV: There was a problem. It was handled. Everything worked out.

CYRUS: Yes, there was a problem. It was handled, and everything worked out for you.

LIV: Cyrus….

CYRUS: I know. I can have an ego. I can be competitive, vindictive. Look, I was the guy behind the guy. But, then, lately, I’d started to believe that I’d become the guy behind the girl behind the guy, which I don’t like, which I hate. You know I hate that.

LIV: Cyrus, I’m not trying to replace you.

CYRUS: You’re not trying to take my place. I know that. I know that now. Let me finish, because it’s about to get really good. I mean, here’s why you are so brilliant… you didn’t have to give up your career. You moved into the White House. You are not saddled with any of the prisoner duties that come with being first lady. You come and go as you please and… wait for it… I’m not the guy behind the girl behind the guy. I’m the guy behind the girl. Fitz isn’t even in the picture.

LIV: Cyrus…

CYRUS: He’s happy. He’s content. He was never meant to be happy. Happy, content men don’t run the world, which is why he is not running the world. He does whatever you say, without question. You have pulled off a clean, bloodless coup in the United States of America, and no one is the wiser. That is one for the history books.

LIV: I know this is difficult for you, because you seem to be so unfamiliar with how humans behave. But Cyrus, Fitz and I together… we have an actual relationship. This is what a couple looks like.

CYRUS: You have the Oval. This is what power looks like. He’s not the president anymore, Olivia. You are.

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SP 5×06-Get Out of Jail Free



Olivia walks along the underground corridor that leads from the White House to Blair House. As she turns the corner, Mellie stands waiting.

Olivia: Thank you for coming. I have a proposition.

Mellie: You mentioned that.

Olivia: A way out.

Mellie: Aaaa way out of what exactly?

Olivia: This mess that we’re in.

Mellie: I’m already out, Liv. I am out. I am down. I am down here. You see me. Did
you see what happened yesterday. Those flesh eating cannibals. I am OUT…of the hearings. I am out of the committee…I am…probably out of the Senate, which means I’m probably out of a job. I’m out of a career. I’m out of my house. I’m outta my marriage, thanks to you. I am OUT!

Olivia: It can get worse.

Mellie: It cannot get worse. (laughing) Not for me.

Olivia: If i testify before that committee, it will get worse.

Mellie: You’re threatening me?

Olivia: I’m not threatening you. I’m telling you the truth. (she steps closer to Mellie) What does that committee really have? Not West Angola, not Defiance, not a hundred other things. They have a statement from Jeanine Locke. that’s it. (long silence) I know it was bad for you yesterday. But you can survive that story. Because if I don’t testify, that story
dies.Those hearings end and Jeanine Locke becomes the answer to a trivia question no one ever gets right. (urgency) But if i testify, everything changes. I testify, they will ask me about everything…and I will have to answer and we will all go down.

Mellie: I despise you.

(long silence)

Olivia: There’s a prisoner…in Virginia. If you can secure his release and i know that you can and I know how you can do that, HE will make these proceedings go away. No violence. No one gets hurt. All of this will just disappear. You will be out of this maze and back into your life.You know what I can do, Mellie. You know what I am capable of. I’m telling you THIS is our way out. YOUR way out.

Mellie: (exasperated, knowing Liv is right) Who is he?

Olivia: It doesn’t matter.

Mellie: (gives a look that says, “Oh really?”) Who is he?

(long pause as Olivia reaches into her bag and retrieves a file folder)

Olivia: His name is…

Mellie: I KNOW his name…Damascus Bainbridge. (Olivia looks confused) What the hell is going on? How did he get to you?

Olivia: Damascus Bainbridge…

Mellie; That is his name!

Olivia: That is not his name.

Mellie: Don’t…(handing the file back to Olivia) Don’t do this Olivia.

Olivia: His name…is Eli Pope.

Mellie: (stunned) WHAT!?

Olivia: His name’s Eli Pope. He’s my father.

Mellie: (Snatching the file back from Olivia, confused) I…don’t understand. He came to me. Damascus Bainbridge. He said he was a donor, but he wanted information on those jurors. He killed those 17 Federal jurors. Did you know that? this is your FATHER? Who IS he? What does he do?

Olivia: (long silence) My father ran…a secret intelligence agency within the United States government.

Mellie: What kind of intelligence agency kills jurors?

Olivia: It was not a normal intelligence agency.

Mellie: (suspicious silence) Fitz never told you that this man came to me.

Olivia: No.

Mellie: Why do you think he threw me out?

Olivia: (long silence) I didn’t know.

Mellie: (closes file folder, takes long look at it and hands it back to Olivia) Your father is a murderer. He. slaughtered. innocent people…and you want me to release him from jail? Just like that? (laughs) Without even knowing what I was doing? (laughs again) So that you and Fitz can live happily UPSTAIRS together for another couple of years. How sick is that? How sick are YOU? But…I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. does it. Your daddy wasn’t my way out. He was yours. Probably like he’s been your whole life. Mowing people down to clear a path for his GOLDENchild. (laughing) Who ELSE has he done this to? Who ELSE has he hurt? Do you even KNOW? (Mellie is flabbergasted, still laughing)

Olivia: (pause) He killed your son.

(Mellie’s face freezes and morphs to a pallette of emotions all rolling around on the same canvas as she processes this news)

Olivia: My father killed your son.

(Mellie’s breath catches as though it is her final and then it comes in rapid succession to hyperventilation. She goes to the wall of the corridor for support. Olivia has no words of support, she only stands there as Mellie gasps rapidly for air. Olivia slowly turns and walks away leaving Mellie alone.)

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SP 5×05-You Got Served


Charlotte brings Cyrus into the Oval Office. Fitz sets his drink on the desk.
Fitz: Cy.
Cyrus: Mr. President.
Fitz: Have a seat.
(Charlotte exits and shuts the door. Cyrus remains planted at the door. Fitz walks toward the couch)
Cyrus: Why am I here?
(Fitz stops)
Fitz: I want you back.
Cyrus: Back?
Fitz: In the White House. Here. Working for me. (Cyrus twitches)
Cyrus: You’re offering me my job back?
Fitz: I have a Chief of Staff, but yes. Something similar…high level…Senior Advisor.
Cyrus: Why?
Fitz: Cause I could use you right now. The country could use you. We have unfinished business in this administration. I know we’ve had some difficulties lately. I think we both acted emotionally and precipitously. I wanna put that behind us for the good of the country. I want you on my team.
Cyrus: Difficulties?
Fitz: Yes.
Cyrus: Hmmm. (Cyrus moves forward from the door) This is interesting. (as he takes a seat) What do they have?
Fitz: (feigning surprise) What?
Cyrus: The Senate Committee…they have something on you. That’s why I’m here.
Fitz: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Cyrus: It’s not the ring. She fixed that. It’s bigger than that. What is it…?
Fitz: Cy.
Cyrus: Amanda Tanner…may…be? Remington? Do they know about Rowan? Do they know about Defiance? (realizing) Oh. No. It’s the tape. West Angola. Oh, I see. That’s really not good, is it? But this? This is good. This is her…not you. This is SMART. I’m the only one who can say you saw it. Well me and the vegetable, Andrew, but he’s just drooling now…so it’s just me. (pause) YOU GIVE ME BACK MY JOB…(exhaling)…or some job…and I say you never saw the tape. That’s the deal right?
Fitz: (dryly) Yes. Whatta ya say?
Cyrus: (pausing, thinking, sitting back) How many times did you mispronounce Delano in that Governor’s debate?
Fitz: Excuse me?
Cyrus: Against Astley, you kept saying the City of Del(uh)no instead of the City of Delano. Do you remember?
Fitz: No. I have no idea. That was 16 years ago…in the Primaries…
Cyrus: It was 17 years ago and it wasn’t the Primaries…uhh, General…the second debate. You fumbled it three times. Twice in the first 5 minutes and once again about 45 minutes later, but you caught yourself that last time…and you never did it again…and you carried Kern County by 11 points. Did you know you carried Kern County by 11 poi…
Fitz: WHY are we talking about this Cyrus?
Cyrus: Because I want to. If you don’t wanna talk about it, I can leave and you can rehearse your resignation speech. (Fitz’s lips lock tight as Cyrus continues) Do you remember what you ate the morning after you became Governor of California? A cinnamon donut, which is weird because you didn’t eat donuts. You wanted yogurt and fruit that morning…a parfait. You wanted to eat it at some snooty place in Santa Barbara. But I said, “No”, cause I was already looking ahead…because Governor of California wasn’t the goal. So, we drove over the hill into ranch country, into real people country…to the Longhorn Cafe in Santa Inez where you would be seen eating a donut like a real person. I picked out your donut. It was cinnamon. But then I snuck into the kitchen to get you a bowl of fruit, cause I didn’t want you to whine. Some oranges, apples and berries. I picked out the bananas of course, because you don’t like bananas…and you ate the fruit in the car on the ride home. Do you remember the ride back home?
Fitz: No.
Cyrus: I remember you had fruit, but you didn’t finish it because you said it smelled like banana. This is what I KNOW…about you. This is what I remember. This is what is in my head. You. Everywhere, everything, what you say, what you eat, what you…wear, what you think. I dream your dreams and I sweat your nightmares. This is what you are to me. What am I to you? I am the man to be thrown on the grenade. I am the man that you use and abuse and toss out and try desperately to reel back in to try and save you one more time. That IS what I am to you. That’s all you know about me. If I left this room, you wouldn’t even remember I was here, but I could tell you everything you said…the color of your shirt, the part of your hair. I can look in your eyes and know…how you slept the night before. I know exactly how many times you mispronounced a single word in a debate 17 years ago and you couldn’t tell me my mother’s name. I know…why we’re sitting here. To fill in this Olivia Pope masterpiece. We all march forward into glory. All is forgotten. That’s the deal on the table and I’m not going to take it. (pause) Because this band is never ever getting back together. (pause) I do not need this. (exhaling, eye watering) I do not need you. Not anymore. (He gets up to leave, his back is to Fitz)
Fitz: We were on a bus…between King City and Salinas in my first run for Governor and you had a package from her. It was an Agatha Christie novel and she’s written a little review on an index card and tucked it inside the front cover. “I think you’re going to really like this one, Cy. But I don’t know how she killed him with a candelabra.” You laughed. You said she sent you a package like that every week since you left home. Always a mystery, usually Agatha Christie and always with a little index card that ruined the story…and you loved it. I used to see you open those packages…behind the campaign bus in Barstow, in your office, backstage at a rally at San Marcos High School. Sometimes it was the only time I’d see you smile in a week. Sometimes in a morning briefing, I’d know you’d gotten one of the packages just by your mood. I know what she meant to you. I know that you loved her. Your mom’s name?…was Helen. (Cyrus glances back at Fitz slightly choked up) I am sorry. Truly, deeply sorry. I am sorry. I’m sorry for what happened to us. I’m sorry for what I did to us. (Cyrus turns to face him) We both made some mistakes along the way. But your mistakes…were for me. My biggest mistake…was forgetting that we were family. Everything you did, you did for me. I can’t do this. Not like this. Not alone. I want you back. That seat on the couch is yours if you want it. The job is yours if you want it. Please?
(There is a long silence as Cyrus regards Fitz’s apology)
Cyrus: The job is Chief of Staff. Elizabeth North is terminated immediately. She doesn’t transition to another position in the Administration. She’s gone. I will keep Ethan and Red. I want new car-pet in that office. You will issue a full Presidential pardon…to me for any and all crimes committed during my time of service to you. It will be signed. It will be sealed. It will be non-revokable. (pause) And I will keep it secret.
(Fitz nods yes. Cyrus moves to his familiar spot on the 2nd couch across from Fitz and begins to create the cover story.)
Cyrus: The situation in West Angola was an urgent and growing threat to the National Security of the United States. Your decision to go to war was based solely on a methodical and reasonable assessment of that threat and was supported by actionable intelligence. You never saw that tape…of Olivia Pope. You did not know it existed. You were never aware that she was even kidnapped.
(Fitz stands and extends his hand to Cyrus. Cyrus stands and shakes on the deal they have just made)
Fitz: Good to have you back, Cy.
Cyrus: I serve at the pleasure of the President. The honor is all mine.
(Cyrus turns to leave)

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Mellie Wants to Know, Where’s my Hooch?

Olivia stumbles upon Mellie rummaging for something in the back her of walk-in room sized closet.

Mellie: I’m looking for my hooch. You didn’t drink it did you, Olivia? While you were sleeping in my bed like Goldilocks?

Olivia: No.

Mellie: I…hid it…all over back when…after the funeral. (Mellie pushes a bench over to another alcove of the closet to reach and search a shelf) Now it’s like…emergency supply.

Olivia: I should go.

Mellie: (Laughing) You’re gonna need the hooch. All the hideously long days and nights you’re about to spend hosting ridiculous galas and balls. (She climbs up to another shelf on the opposite side) Standing by his side…your teeth smeared with Vaseline so your smile stays wide and bright like you’re some kind of wax figure. Haaaaa! Yesss! Ohhhh. (Mellie has found her hooch) Trust me. This stuff?…is the only thing that’ll get you through. (She struggles to open the Mason jar) The lady lunching, the curating, tedious CAUSE you have to come up with and pretend to care about. (She gets the jar open) Do you like to decorate, Olivia? Come winter time, do you find little snowflake ornaments and golden pine cones just adorable? I hope you do, cause those 111 Christmas trees don’t just design themselves. Haaaah. (She exhales, breathes deeply for a moment, the offers a sip of hooch to Olivia) What the hell, you want some?

(Olivia blankly stares back)

Mellie: I didn’t poison it. See? (She sips the hooch and feels the burn) MMM! Hah hah hah hah. (Mellie extends the offer again)

Olivia: I don’t want any.

Mellie: Mmmmph. You don’t get to say what you don’t want. Not in here. Your wants? Your needs? Nobody cares anymore. All that matters from now is him. You will make so many sacrifices and compromises. You won’t even feel like a real person anymore. You will be unrecognizable. You think you’re going to be able to keep that little business of yours up and running? That group of THUGS you got workin’ for ya? What, you think you’re gonna find a place for them here…on your staff…in the White House? I don’t think so. The moment he takes your and and presents you to the world, you get dropped in a cage and you are trapped. The amount of bile you will force yourself to choke down…Haaah. But, like I said…(lifting Mason jar)…that’s what this here liquid gold is for.

Olivia: To feel numb.

Mellie: Oh honey, nooo. Living here…in this prison, that’s what makes you feel numb. THIS is what makes you feel normal. (sips hooch, shudders at the burn) Huh-heh. (she stands, walks to Olivia, smiles and inhales) When you go back down to the Oval…and you sit next to Fitz, I hope you know what you’re really fighting for. (She walks past Olivia and exits the closet)

(Olivia stands contemplating Mellie’s words)

Mellie: (Giggling, she steps back in the doorway) Oooohh n’ whatever hooch you dig up around here…(serious, yet sad)…consider it my parting gift. (she exits and leaves)

(Olivia stands alone in the corner of the hollow vastness of the room sized walk-in closet)