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SP 5×03-Paris is Burning


THE BALCONY B.C. (Before Cyrus)

transcribed by Langstan Smith

Mellie stands alone on the White House balcony drinking hooch when Fitz steps out of the residence doorway.

Mellie: One of the Valets let me in. I’m not gonna say who, because they have two kids to feed and there aren’t that many Valet jobs as far as I know. I just…wanted one last moment alone with this view. (Mellie takes a huge swig of hooch)

Fitz: I’m sorry. (pause) You’re feeling abandoned.

Mellie: Don’t make me out to be some sad victim.

Fitz: I’m not. You’re feeling abandoned because I abandoned you. I did. I took everything you offered me over the years…your love, your support. I took it all and used it to get here. I used it to become one of 44 men fortunate to lead this country…and I didn’t always say thank you, but deep down I knew how I got here. So, thank you. Because I know and I’m sorry.

(Mellie turns to face Fitz)

Mellie: You think you can just apologize to me after years of treating me like mud…and I’ll just go down there and sell your lie to Noah Baker? (Fitz exhales) I have sacrificed so much for you…so much. What have you ever sacrificed for me Fitz?

(Fitz turns to face Mellie)

Fitz: You are going to be the first woman to lay her hand of a bible in front of the Capitol building…and be sworn in as President of the United States of America. I believe that…as strongly as you ever believed in me. I broke up the team. I couldn’t do it anymore. I don’t have your will. And that must feel like an AWFUL betrayal.

(There is a long silence as Fitz and Mellie stare into one another’s eyes. Mellie sighs and places her hand on Fitz’s chest and the turns to lay her hand upon his)

Mellie: I thought we would grow old together.

Fitz: I know. Me too. (Mellie shakes her head)

(Fitz and Mellie stand alone in a wide shot on the balcony)

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The Puppet Becomes The Master…

Langstan Smith, Scandal Podcast

Lizzie sits in silence in Mellie’s Senate office as Mellie reads a document.
Lizzie: Mrs. Grant…
(Mellie raises one finger, then signs the document. She abruptly lays down the pen and folds her hands, giving Lizzie full attention.)
Mellie: I’m going to assume that last night was a mistake. Today there will be no mistakes.
Lizzie: Excuse me?
Mellie: You will assure me now that he will be at the Capitol by my side this afternoon when I take the oath to become a United States Senator.
Lizzie: Thaaat’s why I’m here.
Mellie: You will guarantee that the President will show up for his wife. Because that is what is best.
Lizzie: I don’t appreciate being sum…
Mellie: You don’t appreciate? (into familiar evil purr) You don’t appreciate me. Ha ungrateful little…
Lizzie: Uh’kay. This meetings over.
Mellie: Why? Why did you betray me? After everything I did for you. I saved your life. I saved you AND your child from Olivia Pope’s butcher. I took you in. I brought your booonnnes back from the political graveyard and performed voodoo to make you somebody again…and as payment…you stab me in the back. I wanna know why.
Lizzie: First, let’s be clear. You did not do anything for me. You did that for you. You only ever do anything for your own benefit. Second, you didn’t take me IN. I was your prisoner, I was your puppet, I was your BITCH. Third, your payment was that I got you elected. You are sitting in that chair, in this office as a United States Senator because of me. That is how I repaid you. Fourth, one can only be betray if there’s loyalty first…I was never loyal to you. You were never loyal to me. I don’t think you’ve ever been loyal to anyone. So when I made my move up the political ladder of success…all own my own, I wasn’t even thinking about you. Because you don’t matter to me. And now, you also don’t matter to the most powerful man on the face of the Earth. But guess who does? ME. So believe me when I say…Hmm, the President regrets to inform you that he’s unable to attend your little swearing in today Senator. He has better things to do. But…best of luck in future endeavors.
(Mellie sits in a silent grimace as Lizzie takes her leave of Mellie’s Senate office.)

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Mellie & Fitz Divorce Conversation

Langstan Smith, Scandal Podcast

Mellie and Fitz enter a parlor to have a private conversation after her swearing in as a United States Senator.

Mellie: I just wanted to thank you for coming today…
Fitz: Mellie…
Mellie: …and I wanted to apologize. I would’ve done it sooner, but I wanted to do it in person. I thought I’d have a chance before the State dinner. Especially with the queen visiting…and the optics…that whole…but I understand that you needed some space…some time. But I’m glad you came around.

(An awkward silence as Mellie clasps her hand together three times)

Mellie: I think about what I did everyday. Those jurors…(hesitant breaths)..what I did…those jurors…I…(frustrated sigh)…I’ll never forgive myself and maybe you won’t either. Guess we just add it to the list of awful things we’ve done…things we spend our future together trying to repent for. But I can face it. Because we’ll be together. I know without a doubt that you and I together…a team…is what’s best. For us…for the country…for our…beautiful children. And I’m sooo glad you see it too.
Fitz: I’m divorcing you.
(Fitz pulls divorce papers from his left breast pocket and hands them to Mellie. Mellie is stunned as she looks at the divorce papers.)
Mellie: I’ll never sign.
Fitz: You will. You have so many qualities I despise, but I do admire your brilliance. So do the math Mel. Fighting this…fighting me? Will mean both of us deploy every weapon in our arsenal. Every lie. Every secret. Every juror on that bus. Mutually assured destruction. we’ll be ruined. Now me? Hey. I’m a war hero, Governor, two time President. my bucket list is done. You? Your biggest accomplishment so far is waving and smiling. It’s your first day pitching in the major leagues. You’ll sign.
(Fitz exits, leaving Mellie in stunned silence and disbelief.)

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Queen Isabel There May Be No Happily Ever After, But…

Langstan Smith, Scandal Podcast

The Queen Isabel stands presiding in ceremony over Princess Emily’s casket before boarding the Royal plane back to Caledonia. Olivia and Prince Richard enter and stand beside and behind her.

Queen Isabel: What is SHE doing here?
Richard: You hired her. The same way you hired the man who murdered my wife. Olivia’s non-disclosure agreement didn’t appy to me. So when we get home you’re going to abdicate…because of health reasons…because of age. Because you are no longer fit to rule. You will allow your son to exceed to the throne and live out your days at the winter palace. Alone. Because the next time I see…the time I will even be able to tolerate the sight of you, will be at your funeral.
Isabel: Richard, if you please…
Richard: If you dare to oppose me or speak out in any way, Olivia Pope may not be able to tell the world what you’ve done, but I won’t hesitate. (Prince Richard walks away to Princess Emily’s casket and Olivia moves in for the final kill.)
Olivia: You were right. Not all fairy tales have happy endings. But evil queens? They tend to go down. (Proceeds into the Pope Bounce and Strut)

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SP056: Scandal 4×14 the Lawn Chair



the-lawn-chairThis episode of Scandal Fan Podcast is being brought to you by the Scandal Podcast After Dark. That’s where we let our hair down and kick off our shoes to really go into the discussion about each episode.

We were almost in tears over the Lawn Chair Episode, y’all.

Mostly because …and I speak for myself here – we are weary. Weary of having to teach our children how to be of this world and not lose their light in the process. Also because we don’t want them to walk in fear of what could happen. I don’t live in fear but it has been shown to me on more than one occasion that being brilliant, black and female just isn’t enough for some people. Take the black out at times and take the female part out at times and being brilliant can sometimes suffice.

I’m a woman so on some fronts I’m not seen as competition. Sometimes I’m something to conquer other times not considered. I’m black so at times I’m marginalized or taught to shrink myself so that I am accepted as a non-threat. There are so many layers of that which found itself in this episode of Scandal. So many issues that were put into our faces to see what our reactions would be to the reality of what was. I had so many feels. What about you?




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SP055: Scandal 4×13 No More Blood


There was so much to talk about during this episode of the Scandal Podcast. Eldea, Langstan and myself talked about what it means to be a Gladiator in Scandal Podcast After Dark and we gained some lovely chime ins from folks like @SweetTreats4Eva who said, ” To be a Gladiator is to ride or die. In it till the end. By any means necessary. There for each other. Can always reach out to each other. Do what you got to do to help.” Scandal Podcast After Dark heats up every week with more insight and more interaction and we are just getting started! Join us!