• When Your Time is Tied to Production

      Since I’m not over here banging out my usual 2000K words a day I have taken to writing a lot of poetry. It’s been pretty therapueutic and it’s quick as heck to push out. I never really think of […]

    by jaha
  • Taking on a Writing Partner

    Since I have so little time now-a-days to write my novels I am taking on a writing partner. She will be all over the blog here too as we are combining our efforts to build our platform. Her name […]

    by jaha
  • Lessons I learned From Publishing Fiction (pt. 2)

    Amazon & Google Play – It’s easy to get into these stores directly.  You don’t need an ISBN number for those properties, but when you don’t have an ISBN number, it makes tracking your sales for that property difficult. […]

    by jaha
  • Lessons Learned From Publishing Fiction

    In November, I released my serial novel, Soulphisticated Ladies.  It is a departure from what I wrote previously (non-fiction).  I wanted to write about women who are just like me and my friends at varied points in our lives.  I […]

    by jaha
  • I didn’t expect it to feel this good

    It was never really important to me to see my books in print.  Getting the words on the page and out into the world was more prevalent.  Having a great cover, plot, dialogue, characters and edited work were primary […]

    by jaha
  • I Don’t Believe in Writer’s Block

    When you’re writing a couple different book serials at the same time it can become challenging to create scenarios that move your book forward.  Especially a book like The Sisters and The Soulphisticated Ladies.  I am challenged often not […]

    by jaha
  • *Sneak Peek* The Soulphisticated Ladies Novel

    Chapter One | Scene One “Every man dies, but not every man lives.”  – William Wallace He loves the way I ride it, was blaring from the club’s speakers.  Jacinta stood on the side of the stage watching the […]

    by jaha
  • 4 Reasons that Compel Me to Write my Books Using Scrivener

    Scrivener is the fantastic tool that I use to write my books.  It allows me to focus everything about that story into one location and I can quickly find the information I need while I’m writing. [hr] Reason number […]

    by jaha
  • 8 Ways to stay fresh during your writing process

    I have been writing two books since January 2013, but I’ve been writing poetry for over fifteen years. It’s a different medium when you’re writing poetry/fiction/non-fiction. Toggling between the three really requires that you refocus and get into the […]

    by jaha
  • Self Publishing My Book

    So I made a decision to write a book.  It was one of the most exhilarating tasks I’d ever embarked upon.  I didn’t think I would get it done and procrastinated on it for a while.  It really was […]

    by jaha