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Welcome to the Drama.

jaha-knight-scandal-podcastI am your gracious hostess, Jaha Knight.  Of course, I am the Soulphisticated Lady but before I was Soulphisticated…well I was a bit of a Drama Queen.  Sometimes, I still am…but I digress. Here, we are all about fiction and drama...errr…fictionalized drama, that is. As an author, speaker and branding coach, at the core of me lies a creative person and I love that. Creating this site is a labor of love as well.  I want to explore topics here with the readers of my novels and the listeners of Scandal Fan Podcast that allow us to go in depth with characters and the show as well as other fiction drama.  Trust me, this lady has about 60 episodes of Young & The Restless DVRd for my downtime–anytime you have that addiction, you love drama.  And Y&R is kinda falling off these days.  Anywho, back to the dialog…see y’all had me distracted. I am a character-driven author. I enjoy mulling over conversations and conflict. But most of all…I love reader reactions. Shock and awe baby…shock and awe….

These ladies are too much.. I couldn’t stop reading. Finished all 4 episodes in two days. Hope season two comes out soon” – Crystal Owens 

Inspire Media is the story studio under Karasi Media Group. Under Inspire Media we publish a few imprints:

Drama Queen Imprint – High octane drama fiction, erotica and romance.
Soul Curated Imprint – Soul-Centered Books for emerging Lady Entrepreneurs.

We do have author partners that we work with, by co-writing, publishing and ghost writing for a few select individuals.


As you can see, the main characters of drama queen novels are usually women and sometimes they are the main messes (unfortunately). But because the overall goal is to teach, encourage and empower women to lead their lives with their souls. Writing drama novels allows readers to connect with the overall message of the Inspire Media Movement.

You may be wondering where Scandal Podcast and video reviews fit in.

Well it’s all about the drama.  The type of  fiction we enjoy writing most is drama, hence the Drama Queen title. But mostly, reviewing and understanding character development, story arc and pacing is important when you want to keep a reader or viewer on the edge of their seats.  So viewing and reviewing the shows allow me to take notes and I study the the craft of creating a story . You know, television in a book format. Oh my goodness, this novel just grabs the reader and you must hold on for dear life. Jaha Knight has the formula for capturing her audience and delivering a great story. I truly hope this is only the beginning for this series. Bring on Episodes 5-8. Every Soulphisticated Lady (main character) can be related to. For the most part we have all had strong friendships and there are at least one or two people we are not blood related to; but we treat as if they were flesh and blood. Drama, Comedy, Action you name it this novel has it all. The novel is written like a drama sitcom, you will enjoy each episode.” – Brittj01 I believe we’ve done that with the Drama Queen Serial and will continue to do so.