jaha-knight-author2You want to work with me?  *Clutches pearls*

I can not believe it!  I would like to thank the Academy for this outstanding honor. The hosts of …wait…what? You’re not with the Tony Awards? Emmys?  Er are you with a network?  No?  Hm…well this is awkward.

I’m just kidding!

I would love to speak at your event about building a marketing platform as an author.  I am also open to working with networks or review sites to review drama shows.

Check out my Short Bio | My Website (When I’m not talking about Drama)

Hey if you don’t put it out there, it won’t happen so *shrug* that’s what I am doing.

Why I love to review drama:

  • I am a drama novelist who writes drama novels.
  • One of the co-hosts of the Scandal Fan Podcast where we recap each episode from a writer’s point of view; characters, plot, arcs, etc.
  • Author of several books
  • Publisher of Drama Queen Novels (nothing but high octane drama, honey)

So if you are looking for drama reviews on a show, I am interested; have cast members for me to interview?  Hey, I have those chops too.

What? Was that a shameless plug?  Well hey I am an entrepreneur, you have to expect these things.  Plus, my audience would love that. Gotta give my fellow drama queens what they want.

Contact me and let’s connect.

Speaking at events for Fellow Fiction Authors

On a speaker level, I would love to speak singularly or on a panel to fellow authors about:

  • Becoming an author
  • Amplifying your blog and book promo posts to reach more qualified readers
  • Creating author-partnerships and the benefits of connections
  • Developing an author brand
  • Book covers and your genre
  • The importance of having both an e-book and a print book

Forming a Partnership

If you are also a drama novelist and you are interested in connecting, contact me. Look for a response within 24-48 hours.  Thanks so much!