jaha-knight-author2Inside of every woman lies a Drama Queen

jaha Knight, Branding Amazon is the founder of Karasi Media Group, a branding agency focused on aligning technology with operational innovation across companies. She works with parallel-preneurs, entrepreneurs and creatives who are trapped between where they are and where they want to be in their businesses and their personal lives. She is a soulphisticated lady who believes everything starts inside of your soul and works its way outward.

As an entrepreneur she enjoys working with other entrepreneurs and businesses on branding, pricing, product & service creation, leadership strategies, integration of new business models, and the cultivating world-class creative talent. In jaha’s programs, coaching or during her speaking events, she teaches tools, strategies and systems that map out a plan of action to move her clients from living a life that is dissatisfying and missing something to a life that is more fulfilling for their personal lives and in their businesses. By teaching self-love, forgiveness, hope, faith in their goals, others and themselves, jaha encourages women in to lead soul-centered lives based on clearly defined values.

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