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Inside of every woman lies a Drama Queen

I’m jaha Knight, publisher of the Drama Queen Universe. I want to thank you for reading our books.

About Me
I’m a serial entrepreneur. I do a little bit of everything art related but mainly I’m a creative woman with amazing ideas that I execute. (I’m also very humble, lol). Fortunately the ideas I have help make me a living that I absolutely love. I own Karasi Media Group. The "Media Group" part of our company owns these businesses:

  • Karasi Media - A design agency - we build websites and visual business brands for clients. We also create book covers for authors.
  • Paintastic Art Studios - A local art studio (paint and sip) - we teach art classes and host paint and sip parties for adults and kids in locations of their choice.
  • Drama Queen Story Studios - is a book story studio. We partner with authors that we teach in Write on Academy, to create outlines of stories we want to tell and have our authors, like Brooklyn, Kase, Catherine and myself  write within our universe.
  • BlackLoveTees.co - An e-commerce store with motivational and inspirational apparel along with accessories.
  • jahaKnight.com -  Educational courses where I teach entrepreneurs how to make money from their ideas and authors how to be authorpreneurs.
  • Under the Shade Tree Network - An entertainment based podcast network

Most would say, how do you have any time after all of that? I say manage your time wisely and you can make it work. And it just works…besides at the end of my life I want to stand before God and say, “I used everything you gave me.” Erma Bombeck said that and I work hard to use all of the talents I’ve been blessed with to be a blessing to others.

I love my life, my businesses and my decisions and I hope you also love yours. Again, thanks for reading. If you have any questions about our books or any of my company’s services, reach out on jahaknight.com or their respective websites.

Until we speak, live & love soulfully,
Books I've Written...
Non Fiction 
Unleash Your Giant &
Step Into Your Greatness
jaha Knight
Release 4/24/18
Gratitude is the Attitude
jaha Knight
Release 7/10/18
The Most Beautiful Stanza in the Shortest Poem
jaha Knight
Release  10/8/18 
The Tate Sisters Series Books 1-4 
The House of Zion #1
jaha Knight
Release 8/13/18
Seeds of Fertile Ground #2
jaha Knight
Release 9/10/18
Remember Your Ways #3
jaha Knight
Release  10/8/18 
 Under the Sky of Tom. #4
jaha Knight
Release  11/12/18 
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