Hello Out There, I'm Kase.
I'm Kase Knight and my genre of books is fantasy. I write about superheroes and villians. My series is a trilogy. It's about a family of superheroes, in charge of the good guys. They are constantly fighting off the bad guys.

I began writing at the age of 8. That's when I came up with the characters for this series. Back then it was mainly a cartoon series for younger kids but now it's a dystopian superhero drama.

I am a fashion forward artistpreneur. I am an excellent barber, photographer and overall creative. My inspiration is my mom. You may know me as #TheKid and she is of course, jaha Knight.

2020 Book Release Schedule...
Gemini Superhero Series Books 1-3 
Gemini Uprising #1
Kase Knight
Gemini Unleashed #2
Kase Knight
Gemini United #3
Kase Knight
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