Soulphisticated Ladies, Season 1 (Episodes 1-4)
Release date:
December 30, 2013
Jaha Knight
Selah, Vashti, Moria, Gennifer, Sloan, Thorne, John, Maxim, Giovanna, Jacinta
Age restriction:

Soulphisticated Ladies is a four-part serialized multicultural drama. Each book is filled with excitement, comedy, graphic language, violence, sexual content and romance. This serial is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. The first episode is free, the other three episodes are available here as a full season.

Episode 1

Four Successful Women Are Struggling With the Weighty Issues of Life – Men, Love, Money & Power
Life Has Never Been More Real
In this high octane serial drama, Selah, Moria, Gennifer and Vashti are lifelong friends. But when dirty little secrets and unexpected rivalries threaten their tumultuous relationships everything they thought was real is questioned. Bonds are broken and the loyalty that was once there is gone. Will their problems overwhelm them or will they take control of their lives and start leading with their souls?

Episode 2

What happens when a man can’t run far enough from his past?
Things become complicated…
Soulphisticated Ladies Thorne; Episode 2 (Season 1) is the flashback episode, charting the backstory of Selah, Gabriel and Thorne. Faced with some hard choices, Selah is doing the best she can to secure her future. There’s something she wants and someone who’s just got to have her. Tensions brew until they explode. Check out this episode of Soulphisticated Ladies, you won’t want to miss it!

Episode 3

Drama is brewing with the ladies of Broad Wall.
Questions are answered, lies are uncovered and someone may lose it all. What will happen with the ladies and the men they love? Who will reveal a shocking secret?

Episode 4

Fear & Anger are Powerful Motivators
How would it make you react?
Selah, Gennifer, Vashti and Moria are dealing with the most outrageous turn of events. Their lives are a chaotic mess. Someone is puppeteering things in Broad Wall and the ladies are all entraped in their snare. What will happen at the end of this season of Soulphisticated Ladies?


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