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The Return Of Scandal

Eldea Harris

Hello Gladiators,

I first say thank you for taking time out to read this.

I wanna talk about the moments of the first episode of the season. My first moment is Olivia walking into OPA by herself and seeing everything all dark and covered up. It was powerful to me,as she walked though the office I found myself remembering scenes

My second moment was Mellie/Fitz going to visit Jerry’s grave,both Tony and Bellamy did a great job in this scene. My third moment was Olivia interacting with anybody from OPA. It was great to see Liv get called out by her friends. Plus anytime you give OPA air time is alright by me. My fourth moment was another Mellie and Fitz scene Tony/Bellamy did so much with words they were given.I felt the pain and disconnect between the character’s. My last favorite moment was of course the scene at the end between Olivia/Fitz, I found myself jumping off the end of my bed like kid on Christmas. I felt the love these two share.

So now that you know my favorite moments, I wanna know yours.

’til next time,



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