4 Reasons that Compel Me to Write my Books Using Scrivener

4 Reasons that Compel Me to Write My Books Using ScrivenerScrivener is the fantastic tool that I use to write my books.  It allows me to focus everything about that story into one location and I can quickly find the information I need while I’m writing.

Reason number 1 – Outlining

The outline can be created right within the program.  Who doesn’t like that?  I enjoy being able to access this all in one place without it interfering with the story when I want to export it to pdf to send it to my readers.  I don’t want them to know what’s going to happen next, I want them to take the journey.  The outline can look like story beats or you can have it look like a traditional outline.

Scrivener for Windows

I am an affiliate of this product, however I use it and feel comfortable recommending it to you because it truly is an amazing way to write your book, screenplay, technical articles, etc. Anything that requires research and writing.


Reason number 2 – Editing

Editing mode allows me to see what I have to change quickly by changing the color of the words, which you can also do in a word document, but word doesn’t format the book the way you want it to with all the coding need when exporting.  I actually started writing my book using Google Drive because I could access it everywhere.  It was cumbersome.  So while listening to the Self Publishing Podcast, they told the audience about a tool that I find invaluable.  Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

Reason number 3 – Templates

There are several templates that come with Scrivener and you can create your own as well for characters, scenes, locations and you have an area to store research for the book.  This is extremely helpful, not spread out all over the place and pretty centrally located so you don’t have to open a million files that you have to find in a folder outside of the program, disrupting the flow of writing.  This is the ultimate convenience.  So Scrivener should add one more adjective to their slogan of : “Outline, edit, storyboard, write”  they should add “convenient”.  It is seriously convenient.  Some of this stuff I didn’t even think about when I began my initial outline.  As a new author, it helped me focus on my story and how I was writing it.  This is one of the most compelling reasons of all to use Scrivener.

Reason no. 4 – Characters In The File

I try to spend a lot of time with my characters when I develop them but sometimes it’s a challenge to remember who everyone is or what their personalities are like.  One of the reasons I love Scrivener is for the character sheets.  I fully fleshed out my characters.  I went from having one paragraph in Google Drive to having motivations behind the reasons they did things and mannerisms and small details that help flesh out a person.  It was awesome.

Scrivener for Windows

Bonus reason 4.5 – Compile

So since I have talked about a few (and I do mean only a few) of the features of Scrivener and the benefits you will receive while using it.  Compile optionsLet me highlight the two most important features.  When all the writing is done and you need to put your work ‘out there’ for the world to see-Scrivener compiles it in SEVERAL different formats.   My books are primarily digital but you can compile it as a .pdf file as well with the headers, footers, and numbering options designed to your taste.  The way you want to format your book.

You can purchase Scrivener for Mac or PC.  The price is extremely affordable (less than $50 at this posting.)


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