Scandal 4×11 – Fitz in the Oval Office Scene


(Fitz is pacing the Presidential Seal in the Oval Office)

Fitz: Charlotte!!
(Charlotte peeks in)

Fitz: Ring Jake Ballard…find Cyrus…I want the heads of the CIA, FBI and the NSA in my office yesterday. (there is a pause and Charlotte only stares at Fitz) Did you hear me?

Charlotte: Yes sir, only…
(Charlotte opens the door further and five Secret Servicemen walk in)

Fitz: Agent Fielding? I didn’t call for the secret service. Can I help you?

Fielding: We’re here to help you…Mr. President.

Fitz: Help me?

Fielding: The Vice President thought you might have trouble following his instructions, staying on the straight and narrow…not calling in your friends or the FBI, CIA…the NSA. He told us it might be difficult for you…not looking for Miss Pope. He told us you would need our support. We’re here to support you Mr. President.

Fitz: The Secret Service takes their orders from me, not the Vice President.

Fielding: I don’t think that I’ve been clear. I’m not talking about just the Secret Service. There’s also White House aides, pages, staff, military guards, a couple of secretaries. Oh, and a few of the valets and butlers in the residence. Consider us all…your support group. We’re watching you…keeping an eye on you at all times. Cameras, listening devices, every phone call, every toilet flush. See, we care. You should be grateful for all this support. Would be a shame if Miss Pope was beheaded. Don’t you agree Mr. President. They don’t call this the crown jewel of the American prison system for nothing. We’ll be you. Sir.

(The five Secret Servicemen leave, leaving a confused Fitz standing on the Seal and staring up at the ever present Oval Office camera.)