Langstan Smith, Scandal Podcast

[ Listen to the Randy, Red Superfreak and Julia  episode of the Scandal Podcast ] Olivia was gone for more than a few weeks…she was gone for a few months.*in Madea voice* Stay with me and I’m going to bless you. Olivia left on Election day which would have been on November 4th…Quinn tracked her down…

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The Return Of Scandal

Eldea Harris

Hello Gladiators, I first say thank you for taking time out to read this. I wanna talk about the moments of the first episode of the season. My first moment is Olivia walking into OPA by herself and seeing everything all dark and covered up. It was powerful to me,as she walked though the office…

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Срочные Микрокредиты И Быстрые Деньги В России Набирают Оборот

Что является основным источником дохода на просторах игрового казино Вулкан? Контроль честности в играх и защита ваших личных данных – делает вашу игру более уверенной, комфортной и безопасной.

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SP041: Season 3 Recap Episode


We are back! Scandal Fan Podcast Season 4 is coming to a podcast catcher near you! Ha! During this episode we chimed in with our favorite moments during Scandal’s Season 3. We have news for all of the listeners of the podcast. The show will record on Fridays at 6pm EST. You can find specific links to…

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