Conversations with the Kid 3:: Water & Race


Me: Why do you have that dirty bucket in my kitchen sink?
The Kid: I’ve been challenged.
Me: To what, a dirty bucket duel?
The Kid: No mom, the ALS Challenge.
Me: Put that bucket back in the garage.
The Kid: But why? I have to do the ice water challenge.
Me: You will not do a monkey see, monkey do challenge. You want to donate that’s one thing but you will not do that challenge. Why don’t you create a ‘stop shooting at my black skin, challenge’ and share that with your friends?
The Kid: *Mumbling & Grumbling*
Me: What’s that?
Me: What’s that?
The Kid: Nothing.
::3 Hours later::
The Kid: Mommie, I wrote a rap.
::It was a rap about the very same thing we had just discussed. Kids listen and they mimic your values. :: 



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