Drama Queens Series

Men, Love & Power : Drama Queens Book #1


Every family has its private affairs but what happens when they start to become public?

Selah, Moria, Gennifer and Vashti are cousins that are as close as siblings but dirty little secrets and unexpected rivalries threaten to tear this family apart.

Selah is battling with a dark shame that makes her close out the ones she loves the most.
Moria is living the life she’s never really allowed herself to  dream of – especially since the tragic death of her parents.

Together, they try to face their newly shared challenges but the pressure of keeping up appearances is beginning to shatter their carefully constructed world.
Everything they thought was real is questioned. Bonds are broken and the loyalty that was once there is gone. As the clock winds down on their revelations, we wonder where it all end — or is this just the beginning?