SP024: Scandal Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner S3, E2

Scandal Podcast Panel with Courtney Thomas, Evette Dionne and Melissa


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

This episode got off with a ton of flashbacks as we travelled back five years into the past of Huck and Olivia.  We saw into the relationship between Olivia and Rowan and learned about the rift that has rented this father/daughter duo apart.  We also learned where her love of wine originated. Due to some technical difficulties and unfortunate incidents I am joined on this episode with only one of the three panelists today.


Favorite moment of tonight:

When Olivia was having the conversation with Jeanine and she was saying to her, every time you lie, you lose a bit of your soul.  I thought that was very interesting because of the relationship with her father.  That was definitely my favorite moment. “- Evette You say her relationship with her father every relationship in her life is based on a lie.  The whole Quinn situation that happened was a set of lies. -Jaha

What were your three highlights this episode?

I think no.1 was realizing when Olivia revealed who Huck was to  her father.  That was very enlightening to me.  I’mm glad they did that flashback.  I love that they did that highlight.  Particularly this season rather than last season.  Another highlight was the conversation Olivia had with Fitz at the beginning about going for the jugular and the last one is Abby’s makeover.  She’s fierce and very comfortable with herself. – Evette
I actually like Bellamy’s (Mellie) makeover.  Especially when she stood in The Oval and she’s looking all sleek.  But my three are mainly Huck.  When he beat down the thugs in the subway, when  he realized Olivia’s father was the commander and when he walks away from her.  Olivia’s Gladiators are turning on her and it’s very obvious that this is what’s happening.  Harrison is beating on his chest Olivia has a reason but he doesn’t seem as convicted as he was before.  Also when Huck told Quinn to be more like Olivia and less like him. – Jaha

Was the case compelling?

Olivia is always in control but when it comes to her father he’s always in control.  Olivia is always so powerful in many of her interactions. When it comes to the situation with the aide, it showed some parallel for Olivia and her father in many ways.  I don’t think it was as dynamic as other cases have been.. I think Olivia and Fitz are being very selfish.  They’re starting to think about their relationship.” -Evette

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Dionne is alum of the Dow Jones News Fund, where she spent a summer in the newspaper trenches at The Star Tribune. She cultivated a distinctive writing voice as an editorial intern for the Atlanta Post (now Madame Noire), BettyConfidential.com, House of Mikko and other publications. Some of her writing interests include the economics of fashion, politics, black women’s roles in social movements, and critiquing social institutions (popular culture, hip-hop, fashion, etc.) with a racialized and gendered lens. Her work has been featured in a variety of publications including The RoottheGrioXOJaneUptown MagazineVibe Vixen and Urban Cusp.

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