Langstan Smith, Scandal PodcastScandal Chronology of Olivia's Depature

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Olivia was gone for more than a few weeks…she was gone for a few months.*in Madea voice* Stay with me and I’m going to bless you. Olivia left on Election day which would have been on November 4th…Quinn tracked her down based on invoices for the Grand vin du Bullay, one of which was dated November 30. When Olivia first walks in to the OPA office…she looks at 3 “Union” magazines. The first is from November after the death of Little Jerry, the second in January after he takes office for the second time and the last in February. So it is safe to say she was gone and Harrison was missing and/or dead for at least 3 and a half months. Harrison Wright is officially dead and it would be silly to assume that Shonda Rhimes would rehash the same plot device used to explain the disappearance/death of Maya Lewis/Marie Wallace to revive the character of Harrison. (You know the one where she was held for over 21 years in an underground “hole” or cell because for whatever reason Papa “Eli/Rowan” Pope thought this was a fitting punishment for deceiving and betraying he and Olivia as well as making him kill 329 people as an act of “personal” revenge because she was apprehended, arrested and possibly tortured by him.)

Shonda has yet to reuse a plot device to advance her stories nor does she revive dead characters. So Rest in Peace Harrison and let us all find peace in knowing that he had a strong and solid three years as one of our favorite characters in the history of television. Here’s to hoping we get another strong character that has a back history with Olivia to round out the OPA team.

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