I Don’t Believe in Writer’s Block

I don't believe in writer's blockWhen you’re writing a couple different book serials at the same time it can become challenging to create scenarios that move your book forward.  Especially a book like The Sisters and The Soulphisticated Ladies.  I am challenged often not to allow one set of ideas to spill over into the other.

But for a while I had writer’s block.

And it was extremely odd because I don’t believe in writer’s block.

You can write your way out of any situation, right? So I sat down and thought about the scenes I had to write for each and came up with this “WWWWWH” Exercise.

I pulled from something I’ve used before for outlining

It wasn’t rocket science, I learned it in high school but I thought it was interesting that in a fit of writer’s block (a month) I went back to something I didn’t even know I kept in my memory banks.  (It has been a few *cough* years since high school).

It’s the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How exercise.  As I plotted out Book 3 for Soulphisticated Ladies (because that was the one that was kicking up a fuss for the last month) I interviewed my inner characters to see where they wanted to go in this book.  It was a great exercise and a challenge.

  • First, I was mad at them because writing this book shouldn’t have taken this long but I had to put aside my differences for the good of completing the season.
  • I was also upset with myself for allowing it to go this long without me staying on task and on schedule.  I believe I may have been burnt out with so many projects going on over the summer but no excuses.

I coaxed my characters’ stubborn butts out and got to work.  It took a few hours but when I was done, I had a great outline with enough tendrils (the dangling plot lines) left over for Book 4.

Stop Being Lazy & Full of Excuses

Normally my way of powering through writers block is to keep writing but it seemed there was never time to write.  I let every excuse in the world come between me and that Scrivener file.  But now I’m back on my grind.  As easy as it was previously to write fiction and challenging to write non-fiction, now I find it to be the exact opposite. I’m challenged more writing fiction than I used to be and when I sit down to blog, words pour from my fingers as if they were waiting to come out and eager for a fresh post.

Toggling Between Non-Fiction and Fiction : A Dance of a Thousand Groans

Hopefully as time goes on it will be easier to toggle back and forth between writing fiction and blogging and I will dance on that day so you will probably see a random meme here doing the butterfly off beat as I dance to something in my living room that makes my soul smile.

So the writing is going along and the book is coming soon.  Hopefully I can keep my word count up and finish it in two weeks.  I look forward to sharing all of these adventures with you all and you can use the WWWWWH exercise anytime you find yourself blocked or challenged with putting words on the page.


Have you ever had writer’s block?  What did you do to shake out of it?

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