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(Mellie dangles her feet over the White House balcony with a drink in hand)

Fitz: It’s getting cold, you should come in.

Mellie: Why? You afraid I’ll jump.

Fitz: Melllieee…No.

Mellie: It’s not that far down. I’d maybe sprain an ankle. I could dive…land on my head. Those two sweet Marines would run over and try to catch me and I’d fall on them and end up breaking their necks…and the lawsuuuit…

Fitz: Mellie.

Mellie: The point is…I’m not gonna jump.

Fitz: I know that.

Mellie: I’m not gonna try and kill myself.

Fitz: I know that.

Mellie: I’m not you.

(Fitz stands in stunned silence)

Fitz: I had a bad night. One bad night.

Mellie: (annoyed exhalation) Hahhhhh hahha

Fitz: Don’t ever bring that up again.

Mellie: (Smiling, then sarcastically) I will add it to the list.

Dead kid, missing Mistress, Mellie’s Rape…Fitz’s suicide. (She takes a drink)

(Awkward silence)

Fitz: She’s not missing. She’s back.

(Fitz pours a drink)

Mellie: (stunned, then) Have you seen her?

Fitz: No.

(Mellie sits)

Mellie: Well, when you see her, you’ll tell me.

Fitz: I’m not going to see her.

Mellie: But…WHEN you see her, you will tell me. (she takes another drink)

Fitz: This doesn’t…it’s still you and me. I’m not going to see her. (He takes a drink)

(Mellie shifts in her seating position to face Fitz)

Mellie: (smiling) I just wanna be clear that…there are some things that I’m just not gonna do anymore…things that just feel like an insulting waste of time once you have held your dead son in your arms. Monitering YOU…is one of those things. So I’m saying…when you see her…(half sighs, half laughs)…and then you come home all hot and bothered and you decide to pretend that you are a good family man, so you climb into my bed and on top of me. (sighs again) I’m saying…when you see her…you will tell me. Because I’m gonna want some warning. Fitz, I don’t know if I can even imagine getting turn on by you right now. Oh and FYI…(pours another drink)…when you stick your hand into my panties? Another thing that I just don’t do anymore is WAX! Sooo…it’s 1976 down there.

So…(laughs)…you maybe…wouldn’t be turned on by me anyway. (takes a drink) The point is…when you see her, you’ll tell me.

Fitz: I won’t see her.

Mellie: Right.

(Fitz sighs in frustration and exhales)

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