SP035: No Sun on the Horizon 3×13

No Sun on the Horizon



No families. That’s the first rule. No families. No connections.
I never really had a family anyway. I’m more from this group of people related by blood. Indiana. The middle of nowhere.

She really liked that TV channel where you call in and buy things. Crap…you buy crap. Fake porcelain dolls. Magic stain removers. Big pictures of puppies wearing funny hats.

He really liked drugs…and sex with under aged girls. I had a sister, so…she’s dead now…she died…anyway…

Not having a family makes you ripe…ready…a hunk of clay…waiting to be sculpted…..No connections. No light at the end of the tunnel. No sun on the horizon. Nothing to wish for. They could burn the Wonderland stamp on your brain and no one would be the wiser, because there’s no one there to miss you. You’re now the property of the U.S. Government… Division B6-13. You come to work at ACME Limited. You fake sell fake paper and you run the world in a way that no one even imagines exists in real life and then little by little you been places…..and you’ve done things and there’s been so much blood.

This becomes your home. This becomes your family…and you can’t imagine any other life.” -Jake



Jake: Well. Where’s the fire.

Cyrus: I need you to kill Sally Langston.

Jake: Does Olivia Pope have anything to do with this?

Cyrus: No. Though she found out about it…how I don’t know. Maybe the same way this Publius character came across his information. Loan me Charlie for a couple of days. Help me collapse the tent on this circus once and for all.

Jake: No.

Cyrus: No?

Jake: No. The role of B6-13 is not to protect the President, the President’s wife or the President’s Chief of Staff. It’s not about people at all. In fact it’s about the Republic…and me getting involved in some petty White House squabble…

Cyrus: Petty…White…House squabble? You really have no idea what you’re talking about do you? The fate of the Republic may not hinge on me, or Fitz or Mellie, but it does hinge on the American people continuing to believe that their elected officials are not mur-der-rers. There may be a war here…or dubious FDA approval there…but not mur-der-rers…mur-der-rers…not I stabbed my husband of 20 years with a letter opener and watched his blood seep into my carpet…murderers. Let me fill in this paint by numbers picture for you since you seem so unable. If Sally Langston goes down for murder and Ma and Pa Kettle’s hearts break…because how could the President not know that the First Lady and Chief of Staff covered it up using taxpayer money? But forget about the three of us going to prison…FAITH in Gov-ern-menT will be DeaD. People will stop paying their taxes. Economics systems…institutions that have lasted for centuries…will begin to falter while our enemies pounce on our crippled nation and hack away until the Great American Experiment is no more. What ever issues I may have had with your predecessor…he would have taken care of this by now…no qualms…no questions…just action. I expect you to wisen up and do the same. (Cyrus turns to leave)

Jake: You’re a mouse, Cyrus. A mouse on a wheel…thinking…truly believing that if I run just a little bit faster I’ll finally get to the cheese. You’re small…and while I’d like to explain to you how the world really works…I don’t have the time and you won’t understand. (Jake walks away)

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Katrina Pavela

Elde’a Harris

Thanks to Langstan Smith for the speech excerpts!  He’s such an amazing Gladiator and awesome Scandal Podcast Teammate!


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