Queen Isabel There May Be No Happily Ever After, But…

The Queen Isabel stands presiding in ceremony over Princess Emily’s casket before boarding the Royal plane back to Caledonia. Olivia and Prince Richard enter and stand beside and behind her.

Queen Isabel: What is SHE doing here?
Richard: You hired her. The same way you hired the man who murdered my wife. Olivia’s non-disclosure agreement didn’t appy to me. So when we get home you’re going to abdicate…because of health reasons…because of age. Because you are no longer fit to rule. You will allow your son to exceed to the throne and live out your days at the winter palace. Alone. Because the next time I see…the time I will even be able to tolerate the sight of you, will be at your funeral.
Isabel: Richard, if you please…
Richard: If you dare to oppose me or speak out in any way, Olivia Pope may not be able to tell the world what you’ve done, but I won’t hesitate. (Prince Richard walks away to Princess Emily’s casket and Olivia moves in for the final kill.)
Olivia: You were right. Not all fairy tales have happy endings. But evil queens? They tend to go down. (Proceeds into the Pope Bounce and Strut)