SP056: Scandal 4×14 the Lawn Chair



the-lawn-chairThis episode of Scandal Fan Podcast is being brought to you by the Scandal Podcast After Dark. That’s where we let our hair down and kick off our shoes to really go into the discussion about each episode.

We were almost in tears over the Lawn Chair Episode, y’all.

Mostly because …and I speak for myself here – we are weary. Weary of having to teach our children how to be of this world and not lose their light in the process. Also because we don’t want them to walk in fear of what could happen. I don’t live in fear but it has been shown to me on more than one occasion that being brilliant, black and female just isn’t enough for some people. Take the black out at times and take the female part out at times and being brilliant can sometimes suffice.

I’m a woman so on some fronts I’m not seen as competition. Sometimes I’m something to conquer other times not considered. I’m black so at times I’m marginalized or taught to shrink myself so that I am accepted as a non-threat. There are so many layers of that which found itself in this episode of Scandal. So many issues that were put into our faces to see what our reactions would be to the reality of what was. I had so many feels. What about you?