SP044: 4×3 – Inside the Bubble



Let me tell you this. If I disappear for 24 Scandal Hours or even 24 Scandal minutes, y’all bets come and look for me, lol.

Poor Quinn during this episode was treated like a piece of discardable Gladiator trash. I know she felt some kinda way because I felt for poor Quinn. She was the gorilla glue that kept OPA together! She pulled them all from their corners of drudgery back into the life zone. She saved our beloved Gladiators and for that she gets much kudos from me.

Now, when she laid on that floor and kissed Charlie’s lonely behind she lost all of the kudos she gained in episode one. Sorry boo boo, you have to be a little more circumspect with the lip action.

I want to give a little shine to the fact that people believe Olivia is a weak woman. I have to speak on this for a second. Olivia is a woman. Her character is flawed. FLAWED. Let me say it again….cause I don’t think yall heard me, her character is flawed. She is going to have emotions. She is going to be normal. We talked about some of this last week in Scandal Podcast After Dark, Langstan and I.

But really the woman is going to have a season of weakness. She can’t be strong all the time. There is a myth around 4X3-quotes-inside-the-bubble-cyrus-beeneblack women always being strong. Some men think, “My mom was always strong,” honey bun your mama was not always strong. You were a kid and possibly unobservant or maybe your mom cried in the dark. We are not always strong! So stop the lies. It’s just not true. So let this woman have her season of weakness (which was last season by the way) she deserves that. She is in love with someone she can’t have. Do you know how hard that is? It’s so frustrating to be able to see them and touch them and not have them. It’s like ripping a bandaid off of a gaping chest wound.

Also knowing that your parent murdered this man’s son. Man please. Olivia has the right to have a season of weakness, a season of darkness and a season of light. #The end.

Now to the episode. In the “Inside the Bubble” episode we had some faves, we had some disappointments (namely Abby and Liv’s friendship). I want them to have a better relationship; I want Olivia to finally let down her barbed wire wall and let someone be a friend for her that doesn’t have a penis. That is what I would like.

Mellie, I felt so many emotions for her this episode because Abby tried to help her; save her from herself but no one scandal-inside-the-bubblewould listen to Abby. They disregarded her concerns and just wanted her to let Mellie be. But fortunately she saved Mellie in the end and Fitz appreciated it.

Elde’a wanted to take out the Quinn and Charlie kiss and her MVP this episode was Abby. She also liked David because he seems to have stepped on over to the dark side. Katrina‘s MVP was Abby and she loved Fitz this episode.

I am realizing that Olivia is leaving all the cases that are full of nonsense ALONE. That’s awesome. I am loving that and I’m proud of her for letting go of nonsense so she can wear her white hat proudly. Get it Olivia Pope.

I remember when I first started doing this podcast, someone said I wasn’t an #Olitz fan; I have to say I am not opposed to #Olitz but I’m a #Gladiator, period.

I remember Lizzie Bear saying, “I have backup plans for my backup plans,” with regards to Judge Sparks. She didn’t plan on or expect to lose the vote on gun control. She really wanted that to go through and I think her character is cut throat enough to have gotten the job done. The irony was that it was with a gun. David shouldn’t even feel bad but he will. He has to know Washington isn’t all teddy bears and rainbows. Pull your panties up and deal with it.  So kudos to the Gladiator on the podcast who said that the funeral is the judge’s and he may have been murdered. I think you may be right on the money there. Also she is about to have Cyrus in her pocket in a second. Sending that man meat to Cy that he just couldn’t refuse. Tell you, the symptoms of lonely strike again.