SP049: Scandal 4×8-The Last Supper



“Jake is not family.” – Poppa Pope

Exactly. Jake is not Olivia’s family. Just like we said in the Scandal Podcast After Dark, she denied her father 3 times just like Jesus was denied 3 times by Judas. She betrayed her father and I can’t forgive her for it in the one episode we have left. I’m sorry y’all; it can’t be done. It may happen when the season comes back from Winter Break but I am all with Shane when he says that Olivia is not loyal. You are a bad friend and a worse daughter.

If you want to murder my parent, we are going to have more than a problem. I just can’t with the-last-supper-4x8Olivia Carolyn Pope, y’all. She pushes people into the darkness while at the same time claiming to be the “light” or the “sun”. Girl what?

“Friends don’t put you in prison for a crime you didn’t commit” -JAKE

Bup Bup, shots fired!

Jake how are you upset over Fitz not believing you? You know that was mostly an emotional decision on Fitz’s part but you are a pathological liar. You betrayed him. He sent you to spy on Olivia and instead of just doing your damn job, you went and got all googley eyed over the shiny toy you weren’t ever supposed to touch.

You are an admitted and habitual liar. Hell every episode we have seen you in, you’ve lied. For those of you that think the sun rose and set on Jake’s cracked lips I don’t know what you’re thinking because honestly he is a liar. Why do you find that sexy? What is hot about being lied to repeatedly? Jake:

  • Lied to Quinn about going to see Charlie and the timeframe she’d be ‘required’ to be in his presence.
  • Lied to Olivia when they were sitting in the bunker prompting David to lie.
  • ENTRY into the Scandal storyline was a lie
  • Lies to Olivia with every other sentence that doesn’t end with “the sun”

Let’s not forget–if it weren’t for Olivia, Lil Jerry would not BE dead. SHE wanted Fitz to win the election. Rowan didn’t want her to lose face so publicly so he helped her to win the election. Something drastic had to happen for Fitz to win and Rowan made that happen. Now, not saying it was right but she was the one that instigated the situation.

“I’m calling to make sure you’re alright. There are bombs blowing up in our fair city & you missed our weekly dinner” – Rowan

Olivia, you can not ‘fix’ broken men. Jake is a broken man. In a lot of ways, Fitz is a broken man. Your father is a man and he too is broken, but he recognizes that in the men in your life and he wants you to have better. You should listen to your father because while he may not know best, he knows more.

After listening back to the episode and Shane’s opinion I kind of think Fitz is losing here. He has 1/2 a wife and 1/2 a lover. He has no whole woman at all. Liv is conflicted and there is really no basis for her conflict. Jake wants to murder your father. Really girl? Again goes back to you betraying your father. Look y’all see The Kid here on the blog, let her deny me for some ‘love’. Please. You would see me on a headline. #DropsMic