Scandal Episode 6×1 – Survival of the Fittest


On this episode of the podcast, we review Scandal’s premiere back from the season 5 break.

We didn’t explore this on the podcast, but the episode is titled, “Survival of the Fittest.”

So who’s fit and who’s unfit? As a Darwinian concept that is a question we have to ask.

On one hand we have the Vargas and Beene ticket and on the other hand we have the Grant and Ballard ticket.

Vargas is political jesus according to Cyrus. He’s truly good and well-intentioned. But the ticket is balanced by Cyrus’ not so good intentions and his easy manipulations of people so he can get what he wants.

Mellie is not as bad as Cyrus but she also wants what she wants when she wants it, right?
Jake is just…well Jake has racked up a body count bigger than any other character on Scandal….well maybe Huck evened that body count with the jurors.


Either way it’s Survival of the Fittest

and on the episode we cover what we interpreted from this episode. We talk about:

  • “MARLEY” Marcus and Mellie’s relationship and what may have happened there
  • President Elect Vargas and the 3 shots fired
  • The flip flop of Mellie – from not wanting to concede, to settling for the feeling of defeat, to deciding that the Presidency is exactly what she wants
  • The Mellie and Olivia conversation….is this a continuing theme from Season 5?
  • Is there significance in the county where Mellie suspected voter tampering?
  • You can click the button above and listen to this episode now…it is of course….epic 🙂

Can’t wait for you to join us. Don’t forget to come on in the room when we record the episode. You can chat back and get your thoughts out about the questions we ask during the episode. And you get access to the show before our other audiences do.