Scandal Episode 6×3 – Fates Worse Than Death


On the Fates Worse than Death episode of Scandal, the one thing we were able to agree with was –

Olivia and Cyrus are both suffering from PTSD when it comes to their work with Fitz, lol.

We also saw in this episode the lengths that Elizabeth North with go through to be a part of the agenda – any agenda. She has no party loyalty and she has no self-respect. Is power that much of an aphrodisiac that some people will align with anyone? Cyrus is a “democrat” now – ran on a democratic ticket and Elizabeth North is a staunch republican so that was a confusing move for her coming to Cyrus’ rescue.

We did talk extensively about Charlequinn and why Charlie and Quinn are an item and what Quinn’s needs are – there have been several conversations about Charlequinn this season. Something is a bit odd about their increasing affection and him distracting her from her job constantly. But I wonder too if Huck is a bit jealous of their relationship.

What if Huck still wants to be with Quinn? Have we seen Huck be with anyone other than Quinn and Kim in Scandal?

And correction from the episode, Scott Foley directed it and did a great job from the entire team’s perspective.

Fates Worse than Death was a really good episode.

I didn’t know we’d get such a look into Cyrus’ mental. I loved the closet panic scene. I think Michael gets the MVP award for being such a ride-or-die but I would (were I Michael) have punched Cyrus in the face – knowing that he’d been unfaithful AGAIN and said he wouldn’t. I’m sorry ya’ll that’s just real. That would have been an accidental reflex of a woman scorned. So because he didn’t do anything violent against Cy – I give him the episode MVP award.

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