Scandal Episode 6×15 & 6×16 – Season Finale


One of the most pivotal moments in the double header finale was the speech Mama Pope gave while Poppa Pope and Olivia stood behind the window watching…

First, she sang a negro spiritual… then Maya said, “I tell you… Being a Black woman, be strong, they say. Support your men. Raise a man. Think like a man. Well, damn. I gotta do all that? Who’s out here working for me? Carrying my burden? Building me up when I get down? Nobody. Black women out here trying to save everybody. And what do we get? Swagger jacked by white girls wearing bamboo earrings and cornrows…We still try. Try to help all y’all, even when we get nothing. Is that admirable or ridiculous? I don’t know…I could be helping but you don’t want my help… you want to do it all by yourself… God forbid you let a sistah like me help you out. No, you don’t want that. Don’t let me put you on my back when you fall, wipe the crust out of your eyes, put a pep back in your step. Because when we do, you resent us for making you better, smarter, stronger; then drop us so you can be with someone basic. Someone without all that baggage you left us with. But we still try…Admirable or ridiculous? You tell me…”

Let ask you a question….how many times have you felt any or all of the things Maya shared in that monologue?

To answer your question, what does that monologue, Mama Pope or even Scandal have to do with you? Everything.

Maya voiced sentiments long held by hordes of black women.

And as I watched the season 6 double-header finale…

I could hear the thunderous claps of ashy brown hands, amens and church shouts bellowed around the world. Finally, someone was vindicating us–speaking out for US instead of bashing us and making us feel like we’re not enough just as we are. I could feel the breeze from the unison of nods of thousands of generations of black women who have felt, do feel and are feeling the same way about the state of our “place” in the world and the perception of us in it.

Picture this…in 1962, Malcolm X said, “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” It’s 2017 and not much has changed…since 1962 around the protection, lack of care and support for black women.

Everywhere we turn, someone is telling us how to be, how to think, how to act and even when we’re doing what we’re “supposed” to be doing by standards we did not architect, we’re still unilaterally cast in a negative light… How do you rise above all of that, ?

How do you rise above the angry black woman stereotype, the bitter black woman rhetoric, the emasculating achievement gap, the bleak realities in employment spaces and the full responsibilities of family that lays across our backs? How do we remove the barely concealed requirement of cultural assimilation and celebrate you as a woman?”

These are the questions I had to ask myself 4 years ago and continue to ask myself today. It is largely the reason, I’ve created the spaces of celebration in my business for black women like you. And I’ve just created a new tee-shirt line, that celebrates the fullness of black womanhood. The answers to these questions were the catalyst for starting the Scandal Podcast to talk about Olivia Pope and her character-driven “life”. It’s why I created Soulphisticated Academy – to teach branding, business, marketing and freedom through entrepreneurship to black women. Because 55 years after Malcolm X’s declaration, now more than ever, we deserve to be unleashed from the tether of society’s invisible fence.
We deserve admiration for our resilience, our fragile strength, our innovation, determination and our courage.

(I mean you’d think by now the world would know we’re magic but it doesn’t always.) And because I got tired of waiting for the world to catch up to our greatness, I created what I wanted to see…for women like us.

Now you may think that admirable or ridiculous, …but I think it’s what we’re due….

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