Scandal Episode 6×4 – The Belt


What did you think about The Belt episode of Scandal?

“It felt like a special Oz episode of Scandal, then in Scandal style shit picks up in the end and you’re like awwww, what’s happening?!” – Katrina Pavela

“I thought it was one of the best episodes that Scandal that we’ve had in a long time.I enjoyed it because I’ve been saying for years that Cyrus has to pay for what Cyrus has done. ” – Elde’a Harris

“For me the opening sequence was everything that Tom wished for him…” – Langstan

In the opening sequence it seemed like he was in shock until they told him to bend down and spread em… he even seemed to want to say something to David when they first arrived at the prison. There is a significance to this title sequence that we haven’t seen before – when Tom was arrested for Lil Jerry, when Poppa Pope was arrested on the faux charges that they set up – we didn’t go through this much detail but with Cyrus we did.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene – he was asked his name and Shonda took us through the process of him being processed into the prison system. Did that generate sympathy for Cyrus on your part?

Katrina has sympathy for Cyrus.

“Everything Cyrus does has been for the good of the republic.” – Katrina