SP004: Scandal Episode 752

Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope on ScandalScandal’s highly anticipated return had Gladiators ramped up and excited last night!  Join me as I recap the show for you on the Scandal Podcast and talk about the drama going on in the twitter verse regarding the show.

  • Olivia’s white jacket and boots from from the first scene of this episode was to die for-cute, cute, cute!
  • Cy fnally meets Jake
  • Huck has a wife, her name is Kim.  Huck’s real name is revealed and so much about his background!
  • Harrison has a few vulnerable moments this episode.
  • Charlie is up to his old tricks.  Is he on orders from Cy or is it someone else…?
  • Is there a connection between Jake and Charlie?
  • The Liv & Fitz moment in the hospital when he asks her for another chance?  Blew my mind
  • Mellie gets her panties in a wad and gives Fitz an ultimatum!  I called that!
  • Funniest moment–Harrison sliding all through the hospital in church shoes, lol.

Questions about this episode:

How does the CIA not know Huck is still alive?

You can find my answers to questions 11-20 on the podcast, leave me a voice mail message with your answers or respond below to be featured in the next episode!


30 day Scandal challenge

Courtesy of Lenita Dicaprio

1.       Favorite female Character
2.       Favorite male character
3.       Least Favorite Female Character
4.       Least Favorite Male Character
5.       Most annoying character
6.       Favorite episode
7.       Least Favorite Episode
8.       Favorite scene (non Olitz)
9.       Favorite Olitz Scene
10.   Least Favorite scene (non Olitz)
11.   Least Favorite Olitz Scene
12.   Scene that made you laugh
13.   Scene that left you speechless
14.   Favorite case the Gladiators have taken on
15.   Least favorite case the Gladiators have taken on
16.   Best looking character
17.   Most naïve character
18.   Scene that surprised you
19.   Favorite Gladiator
20.   Character you are most like
21.   One thing you dislike about Fitz
22.   One thing you dislike about Olivia
23.   Favorite Olivia outfit
24.   Scene that made you cry
25.   Favorite quote from a Gladiator 
26.   Favorite Olivia quote
27.   Favorite Cyrus quote
28.   Favorite Mellie quote
29.   Favorite Fitz quote
30.   Reasons you love the show (be specific)


Speech excerpts of 752 episode courtesy of Scandal Moments

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