SP005: Scandal Episode A Woman Scorned

Huck and Olivia Pope

Olivia and Huck after he said to her, “Charlie killed Amanda Tanner.  Women who sleep with the president end up dead, I don’t want you dead.”


A Woman Scorned was Tony Goldwyn’s directorial debut episode on Scandal.  He has of course directed a few other shows or whatnot but this is his first Scandal episode.  I do have to note that this episode did seem a little out of sorts.  Let’s welcome Huck back from “Shaking off the crazy” this episode.    James told Cyrus that he was offered a position with the BNC television station.  Cy wouldn’t have had to run through the underground connection between Blair House and the White House if he paid more attention to the husband.
Very early on in this episode we were led to believe that Cy was the mole.  We ALL know that is not how a Scandal episode works.  It has its twists and turns and I wasn’t buying that from the start.  Watch ‘A Woman Scorned’ episode here.

I don’t know if Fitz directing the episode had any bearing on the amount of times Olivia slammed the door in Jake’s face but I found it hilarious and strangely just.  I don’t know what’s going to happen when fitz finds out she gave him some of the precious jewel between her legs but that didn’t seem to give him reason for pause when she was getting down with Edison.

Sex with other people isn’t a deterrent between Fitz and Olivia though.  Fitz just had pity sex with Mellie a few episodes back so if he can do that I’m sure Olivia can get down with the get down.

How cool is it that Jake was watching Charlie watch him and Liv have sex.  I would think he’d know that if Jake is a peeping Tom, he should have assumed he was being watched as well.

Poor Huck can’t remember simple details as they try to get a bead on Charlie.  They had a lead for a while with Charlie’s sugar addiction.  Quinn did a great job with her fake detective work and here the lady behind the counter gives her all the details of what Charlie likes–kind of unrealistic.

Abby got to Olivia this episode when she prodded her on the Cyrus may be a mole thing. David doesn’t seem to be asked to join Pope and Associates, he is just integrated as a part of Pope and Associates as he helps more and more with them working on cases and unravelling mysteries.

She goes to the white house in those gloves that had everybody all a-twitter

Someone explain these gloves to me… It’s a little affected. If you don’t need a coat, you don’t need gloves lol #Scandal


That’s it. I’m walking around with white gloves on to emphasise my anger in conversation as necessary. #Scandal

‏@SabiaCoruja Mellie IS an infectious disease. #Scandal

Cyrus goes back to Blair House to try to negotiate with Mellie.

Honey boo boo, this is not a love match.  What is your problem?  You had a political marriage and Fitz does not nor has he ever loved you.  We learned that full fact episodes ago.

Mellie tells Cy that Olivia has just left the White House and tells him how he aint got no friends in the White House.  Cy is dumbfounded by finding out that Olivia was just there.  He seems kind of disgusted by the fact that he’s working himself into a heart attack and Fitz is still carrying on business as usual with Olivia.

Huck informs Olivia that Charlie killed Amanda Tanner and he doesn’t want her dead too since she’s also sleeping with the President.

Cyrus offers to get rid of Olivia–I want to slit his throat at this point because he is pissing me off and he has the nerve to call Jake off of his post with Olivia and Jake is not playing that.  I don’t know what boom dynamite Olivia has between them thighs but ….chile…

Jake has the nerve to go inside with Olivia and wants to play some version of Truth or Dare. You tell me something and I’ll tell you something.  He wants Olivia to admit that her and the president are together.  Olivia looks him right in the face and lies.  Honey, you are not going to come in between Olivia and the Scandal POTUS.  Olivia seems really emotional this episode, she’s really not herself and I think this has something to do with the directorial change.  May this is the way Tony sees her as Olivia Pope but it’s a departure from the strong charismatic Olivia that we’re used to seeing.  I am so used to her self confidence, this shaken not stirred Olivia is a bit disconcerting.

This week there was a pretty significant gay scene on Scandal and that was pretty innovative.  It was explicit in a way that I’ve not seen on prime time television and I liked the fact that it did.  There was a lot of twitter hate on this scene and I will probably get some unsubscribes for saying that I was fine with it.  Oh well, haters gonna hate.  But if you think about it we see parallels with each episode and this episode James and Cy were being paralleled in a way to Fitz and Mellie.  You could see the relief lift off of Cy as he says, “So we’re ok? Our marriage is ok?”  and that gives him fodder to use the same tactic with James–that “go ahead and do it because it’ll make you happy” tactic and pass it on to Fitz in his speech to him.  So…

Cy tells Fitz to go to Mellie so that he can save his presidency and he thinks hes done the job right until the president goes to Olivia’s instead of to Mellie and tells her he chooses her.

  • Olivia seems panicked in this scene and continues to try to be the “fixer” and help Fitz hold on to his presidency.  
  • I don’t know what Mellie was thinking with this episode because he told her a few episodes ago that he wanted a divorce.  Now you’re giving him an ultimatum?
  • Mellie sat there in that wing backed chair in Blair house while these two were sitting there running out the clock on her ultimatum
  • He didn’t even look down the corridor to Blair House all episode.  Didn’t give Mellie an iota of attention-his focus ALL episode was Olivia.  He could give two farts about Mellie’s ultimatum.

Court stenographer realizes that she knows David and that she transcribed the notes for the trial on Defiance, the whole Pope & Associates team files out of the office for a pow wow.
Guess what Gladiators, the next scene brings in Rowan.  Who is Rowan?  The black guy I’d been saying “I don’t know his name.” The guy, if you go to the last show notes you can see the clip I put up of him on A Different World when Whitley chose Dwayne over him at the wedding!  YAY! I found out his name 😉  and how did I do that?  Well between Twitter and Tumblr somehow it was sent to me.  Then we follow up with the scene of Jake watching Charlie watching Olivia and him sexing all over the kitchen island.

Then there is James and Cy and Mellie-the tableaux.  Poor Cy was about to have a straight up heart attack running down the corridor.

We are getting so close to finding out who the mole is and they’re sending us in all kind of directions trying to figure it out.  Comment on the blog telling me in the show notes who you think the mole is, where do you think Olivia and Fitz romance is headed, do you think Huck is going to reunite with his son and wife in one of the upcoming episodes or next season?  do you think some people take the show too seriously?  I was watching a twitter conversation that said something about marriages being systemically attacked on shows like Scandal and us being too naive or blind to what media is actually doing–what are your thoughts on this?

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the audio clips in the episodes that are a part of the Scandal show. 

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  1. Jaha on May 10, 2013 at 1:32 am

    I wish we could unravel it before the finale, lol.  I don’t want to be left in total shock, which it seems Shonda Rhimes has totally said we’ll be shocked http://bit.ly/10jrBcc.  I’m excited.  There’s a live chat with Jake the stalker today.  http://eonli.ne/17MKZEy

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