SP006: Scandal Episode Any Questions?



  • Threatening the Secret Service to have his way
  • Mean to James because he was naiive
  • James was a pawn though, he should have known something was up the minute they told him he was interviewing Mellie.
  • Met with Rowan and took orders from him to cut Charlie off


  • Has her own fixer and is trying to figure out whether Fitz will still come back to her (all episode)!
  • Fixer says he can’t make Fitz love her
  • Won’t name Olivia as the mistress
  • Felt justified when Fitz said he would be seeking a second term in office–little did she know if it hadn’t been for Olivia he would have given it all up.

Olivia & Fitz

  • Wake up in each other’s arms
  •  Giving up on his presidency because he didn’t deserve it


  • B6-13, says he wants the same deal Huck has after he’s been burned.
  • Remember I asked you all why Huck was still alive and just walked away from that organization & they acted like they didn’t know he was alive & living under their noses.
  • Huck didn’t kill Charlie-that darn Quinn!  Now it’s a problem…


OPA-Who is the Mole?

Sally Langston- wasn’t the mole but her second in command, Billy  ended up being the mole(or so we think).

David Rosen-Is he really in cahoots with him or is OPA setting up the mole?


Questions about this episode:

What would happen if Fitz is impeached?

In the preview he said that Olivia was moving into the White House and they’d be married.  How is that going to happen?

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