SP001: Scandal Episode Snake & The Hillbilly


This episode I talk about Season 1 of #Deception on NBC starring Meagan Good. This episode aired on 3/18 and was the season finale. It was titled, “I’ll start with the Hillbilly” and was really a good episode. –Spoiler alert– these podcasts WILL be discussing the episodes in full detail. Airs on Monday nights at 10 pm, should NBC renew the next season. I hope they do. [I have since renamed the podcast and changed it to the Scandal Podcast.  I am not sure that Deception will be renewed.] #Scandal on ABC aired on 3/28. this episode was titled, “Snake in the Garden” and it was a good episode but I have some issues with a few things that I didn’t like and I discuss that on this episode. If you agree or disagree please send me a tweet or a message on my contact page.

The burning question this episode was #WhoIsTheMole and we have pretty much assessed it definitely isn’t Director Osborne of the CIA. Check out the podcast and join me every Friday for a new episode of the Scandal & Deception fan podcast!

*Update 10/2013* The Scandal Podcast started out as a podcast for both Scandal and Deception because I love fast-paced drama.  However it was clear early on that Deception would not be renewed so the podcast shifted direction.  It is now the Scandal Podcast and we have had a great time with the Scandal Rewind Series and now the panelists for the new season.  You can find all of season 1 and most of season 2 reviews of Scandal on this website.  If you’re looking for a particular review of the characters or the story lines, visit Katrina Pavela or Melissa on Tumblr.  They do a great job delivering on Scandal dish and dissertation.


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