SP003: Scandal Episode Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Rewind)

Scandal Podcast


A Few questions about this episode:

  1. Who killed Wendy?
  2. Are Huck & Quinn a loose thread in this season’s fabric?
  3. Should Olivia be with Fitz or Jake?
  4. Should Abby & David be together?
  5. Will Harrison ever find love?
  6. Will David Rosen join Pope & Associates?

Don’t forget to share the show with a friend & rate the show in iTunes!  Guess who I found online?!  Jake’s end of the episode companion!

Joe Morton (Byron) on A Different World about to marry Whitley before Dwayne Wayne put the brakes on it.  I wonder if he’ll lose this time on Scandal too…hope so–seems devious and in alignment with Jake.  I’m not the biggest  Jake fan.

You can find my answers to questions 1-10 on the podcast, leave me a voice mail message with your answers or respond below to be featured in the next episode!

30 day Scandal challenge

Courtesy of Lenita Dicaprio

1.       Favorite female Character
2.       Favorite male character
3.       Least Favorite Female Character
4.       Least Favorite Male Character
5.       Most annoying character
6.       Favorite episode
7.       Least Favorite Episode
8.       Favorite scene (non Olitz)
9.       Favorite Olitz Scene
10.   Least Favorite scene (non Olitz)
11.   Least Favorite Olitz Scene
12.   Scene that made you laugh
13.   Scene that left you speechless
14.   Favorite case the Gladiators have taken on
15.   Least favorite case the Gladiators have taken on
16.   Best looking character
17.   Most naïve character
18.   Scene that surprised you
19.   Favorite Gladiator
20.   Character you are most like
21.   One thing you dislike about Fitz
22.   One thing you dislike about Olivia
23.   Favorite Olivia outfit
24.   Scene that made you cry
25.   Favorite quote from a Gladiator 
26.   Favorite Olivia quote
27.   Favorite Cyrus quote
28.   Favorite Mellie quote
29.   Favorite Fitz quote
30.   Reasons you love the show (be specific)

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