SP007: Scandal Episode White Hat’s Back On (Finale)


Olivia Pope


So this episode of Scandal “White Hat’s Back On” was the season finale and as shocking as all get out!

Watch White Hat’s Back On episode.

This was a great season finale and at the end of it, I said, “Shonda Rhimes, you are a genius!”  Each episode, you are reeled in, easily learning more and more about the characters while simultaneously trying to solve the puzzle that is presented in the form of a case or a “Scandal”.

A big shout out goes to Mz Kay Jay, a listener on the Stitcher Platform.  Also Bemused Observer who gave our second iTunes review for the show.  I appreciate the comments and the feedback from you both.  However, Bemused if you would like to help me out with the audio quality of the show, feel free to do so, lol. But seriously, thank you for taking the time to respond and leave feedback.

 Huck and Quinn

So let’s go in with the recap and revelations for the Scandal finale!


  • A few episodes back Huck wanted Billy Chambers dead but Olivia made him promise not to so he hires out to his ever loyal B613 comrade, Charlie.  Charlie of course has not done what he was hired to do, instead letting greed get in the way of comraderie. 
  • Charlie is so in the wind.
  • Biggest shock of this episode is that mystery Rowan (who of course is the head of B6-13) is Olivia’s dad which gives weight to the storyline that Olivia “fixed” things so that Huck is not presently dead.


Mellie Grant

  • In the kitchen of the White House scene when all members of the Defiance Alliance are present, Mellie watches Fitz and Olivia talk to each other and on her face is such a look of unease and broken heartedness.  
  • Forgives Fitz at the end when Olivia rejects him.

Fitzgerald Grant (Fitz)

  • Wants Olivia to concoct a plan so that they can get married and live happily ever after (like a fairytale).
  • Ultimatum with timeline attached from Governor Reston.  Why are people always giving Fitz deadlines? Governor Reston says, “Rumor has it that bible thumping…”  how would he know that unless Billy is still in touch with Sally?
  • Tells Mellie off in the hospital.
  • Strong in character, he watches Olivia sleep with Jake and still loves her enough to forgive it.

Rowan (B6-13)

  • How do you order your operative to sleep with your daughter and then ask for the tape?
  • I’d tell you, but I’d have to kill you.  “I handled it” verbal clue as to what’s coming at the end –> these are Olivia’s patented words.  Children tend to pick up the way their parents speak so we should have known he was her father.

Cyrus Bean

  • He doesn’t want Olivia or Fitz harmed and spends this time being upset with Rowan.
  • Cyrus has a heart attack and is still trying to help Fitz and Liv “handle” this situation with Defiance.
  • James loves the hell out of Cy–cries at his bedside and is still trying to get a scoop.  He doesn’t know it but he’s still being manipulated by people in the Grant Administration (namely Cy and Mellie).


  • This nutbag killed CIA Director Osbourne, Molly and Wendy.  He went on a straight murder spree. 


  • Shot that operative clean in the forehead after she tried to–well broke into Olivia’s house.  She did have a gun up, in a killing posture so she sure didn’t come for tea and crumpets.  She also didn’t come to take Liv back to B6-13 headquarters.
  • He takes her to the OPA offices and tells her she’s safe.  How?  Does B6-13 not have any snipers?  Then Olivia gives him a kiss goodbye after his confession that to sleep with her was his mission?
  • Now Jake’s in the hole


  • I love Columbus Short but why was he even IN this episode?  They could have said he was out at a conference or something because he had about 4 lines the whole episode and they were random and kind of without any purpose.  
  • If it weren’t for the fact that we love him and he’s the sexiest eye candy on the show, he could be killed off and we wouldn’t miss him except to mourn him for that episode.

Olivia Pope

  • As Cy delivers a killing blow with regards to Fitz this episode, Olivia is saddened with the reality of the man she loves.  But here I have to say, where does Cy get off telling OTHER people who they REALLY love?  He JUST told James about Defiance and the reality of the man who he loves so I guess he feels it’s his right to now pull the blinders off for everyone else?  Nah mah dude. 
  • Realizes that things have gone too far for her when she sees Huck totally unravelled, Quinn losing her humanity and now knowing that Fitz committed act that she didn’t think possible. So when she puts that white hat on it symbolizes something for her.  I think it makes it clear that David also sees her in the same vein, having spent so much time at OPA.

David Rosen

  • When I saw him in the car with Billy, I said last episode of the Scandal Podcast that David can’t be in on this with Billy, I knew it!  
  • Got a confession from billy and became the US Attorney for DC–he’s smart and he did bring a new dimension to OPA, I wish he was a part of the OPA team but since he did his own thing and stepped out for justice, I’m happy for him.


I will continue to do the Scandal Podcast while the show is on break till the Fall, so make sure you tune in!  They will be Scandal Rewinds so that we can go through the other episodes that I haven’t reviewed yet and get it all together for the third season while we wait, the shows will be up on Saturdays. In the meantime, my book, Soulphisticated Ladies will also be out during the Fall and it’s a drama that features four women.  I started this podcast because if you love Scandal, you will love this book as well.  It’s written as a serial novel and each book is an episode.  The first episode is Violations and will be free for the first week when it’s released.

Til the next episode, Stay Soulphisticated Gladiators!

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  1.  Reston now knows that Fitz is not really president, he is.  What do you think will become of that situation?
  2. Sally is supposed to run against Fitz but because the Billy scandal has now been uncovered, her potential for winning the seat over Fitz has significantly decreased.  Do you think she had anything to do with Billy’s mission to take down the administration?  Are her hands dirty too?  Will Fitz decide to remove her from the ticket and replace her with someone else?
  3. Where is the heck is Charlie?  He paired up with Billy but now he’s in the wind? What kind of havoc do you think he’ll wreak in season 3?
  4. When did Quinn seriously start to become Huck Jr.?  This seems like an acceleration to the torture thing.  The last time we saw her help with clean up, Huck had to tell her to keep her eyes open so she didn’t cut herself.  She seemed squeamish that episode.  What made them move her this quickly to a comfort zone with torture?  When she did that she was giggling with blood on her face! Really? Why was Billy so clean when they arrested him? I would think that a drill to the thigh would leave some blood seeping through your clothes.
  5. Fitz tucked his tail between his legs and went back to Mellie at the end of this episode but for how long?  He looks so crushed in the scene when he lays his face on her lap.  If his and Olivia’s relationship is in a cooling period (which I doubt) what are we going to Liv for during next season?  That’s a good bit of the spice on the show.  We know there can’t be a happily ever after between these two but we route for it anyway.
  6. If Jake is a B6-13 and Fitz was an “old Navy buddy or whatever” seeing how easily Fitz killed Verna, does that not make you think that at one point, he also had mission experience with B6-13?
  7. Why is it that every woman that gets close to Fitz ends up dead?  Monica Lewisnsky is still walking around and she gave a real president fellatio.  So, who behind B6-13 wants to kill Olivia and why? Because even though Rowan is her dad, I very much doubt he wants to kill his own daughter.

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