SP029: Scandal – Everything’s Coming Up Mellie S3, E7



The Drama

Everything’s Coming Up Mellie

This week’s episode of Scandal came with  dose of insanity as Big Jerry raped Mellie, Quinn (or rather Lindsay to my point of thinking) runs away from the scene of a crime she commits, Olitz gives us a moment of angst and so much more.

Quinn is inducted into B6-13; Charlie has Quinn over a wire.  He indulges her in her quest for danger and she gets all caught up in that Wonderland life.  Isn’t it convenient that she fell into his trap so easily?

Abby gave a surprising reaction to the fact that Liv’s father is the boogeyman and it’s all roses for her from there.  Despite her prickly thorns, she gives Liv a much needed hug.  I fell in love with Abby right there.  That’s the way to be a friend, Abby.  Mellie gave a heartfelt and empathetic performance on the Oval Office’s seal.  It was the most moving monologue of the episode.

This is my life, that’s what’s wrong!  This is my life! You didn’t show up for me.  You didn’t show up for that stupid reporter and me and Teddy and that photo op in the Oval. I always have to.  I have to do everything myself.  I am tired of doing everything myself.  I am alone here.  We’re supposed to be partners.  We’re supposed to be in this together.  If you knew the sacrifices I’ve made. The things that I have given up and the pieces of myself that I have given away for you and you treat me this way.  You declare war on me and you shame me and you  make me beg for scraps when I have done nothing but fight for you.  You don’t have to love me. But we are in this hell together and the flames are burning us with equal intensity, baby but the least you can do is be my friend.  Just a little bit.  The least you can do is show up.  Show up for me.  Show up for me Fitz.  Instead of being like some, stranger. “- Mellie









The Guest

Langstan Smith

Langstan Smith is a native of Indianapolis, IN. Langstan moved to Chicago, IL 18 years ago in October of 1995 and is proud to call the Windy City home. He began volunteering his time as a graphic designer with various Chicago club promoters which lead to work with the City of Chicago as well as the State of Illinois among other distinguished clientele. Langstan has worked with several Chicago-based non-profit organizations as a designer, a volunteer and an entrepreneur. He is currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design at Harrington College of Design in Chicago.

Langstan on why he loves SCANDAL

Since the premiere of Scandal on April 5, 2012, I have been an avid and voracious fan of the series. I was hooked from day one, scene one of Season One’s Episode 1: “Sweet Baby”  it was obvious that this show had its own cadence and pace. You either got on and held on or got “bucked” off before the ride even started.

Just as we were learning who Olivia was and what she did for a living, (best introduction monologue EVER!) Shonda Rhimes took a baseball bat and collectively bitch slapped the entire United States as she revealed the scandal of all scandals. “Sweet Baby? Swee… Sweet Baby?” Why is Olivia on the edge of tears talking with the President? Ummm…Oh Heyall naw! With the first shocking reveal, Shonda said, “SCANDAL, BITCHES!”, dropped the mic and left us all snapping and screaming like we were at a Spoken Word event and Shonda had just rocked the mic that night. Dayum!

But it was actually Season One’s, Episode 6: “The Trail” that sealed the deal for me. Shonda Rhimes had in a single episode explained how it all began and revealed who was trying to bring the president down and why and then BAM! The scissors! Dafuque!? No! Gideon!? WTH!?…in walks Quinn…Sploosh! Coffee and bagels everywheeeeere! (True Gladiators will understand the shorthand)  We now knew most of the relationships and how they began just from that one episode. Little did we know the next episode was the last for the summer and I watched those seven episodes like Shonda had said the first seven hits are free, but after that you gotta pay me every last Thursday night you got. I don’t go anywhere. I’m hooked!


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