SP028: Scandal – Icarus S3, Ep6

The Icarus Episode


So the panel is back tonight and better than ever! We discussed the season 3, episode 5 of Scandal which was Icarus.  Wings were melting and wax was flying all over this episode and we were here for it!  It was great.  I am loving the fact that they are now serving meat with the potatoes on Scandal and we’re getting more and more back story from all of the characters!  Harrison finally has a reason to show up to work, because I think for 2 years, they’ve been giving him pity money.  He’s going to work now as they give us tidbits of his back story.  I’m excited because personally I looking at a cute doll suit on a man is not my idea of entertainment.

It’s late tonight and I know you haven’t seen any other posts on my blog this week–that’s because mama has been busy (super busy) and I’m working on my latest project.  As with last week’s episode, this episode is brought to you by my upcoming drama novel, Soulphisticated Ladies.

The Best Moment Quotes 

Besides the Rowan and Olivia phone call which I loved because for me, it made me start to think about what happened to Olivia’s mom differently. The scene in the oval office where Olivia comes in and Mellie says welcome home and she gestures towards Fitz. And the Grant-Langston dinner because Mellie was manipulating the s*** out  of Daniel Douglas in order to bring out Sally’s weakness.  And I also liked the Lisa Kudrow scene scene when she goes off on James for all the sexist politics.” -Katrina
The phone call’s across the board and I love the scene with James when Lisa Kudrow goes off, and there’s a moment when he looks off to the side like someone help me.  And Cyrus is watching because Cy told him to be prepared and he went in there like, I know what I’m doing and got slaughtered. Cyrus is like oh my God.  My third favorite moment was my favorite because it was so ridiculous to me.  The worst spies in history of tv.   Jake goes to meet the girl and he is followed by Mr. Obvious.  I was like, what the heck.  It was so bad I watched it like three times.” -Olivia
The scene between Liv and Rowan, the scene between Quinn and Charlie and then with Mellie and Fitz/Sally and her husband, those were my top three.” -Elde’a
When Olivia came into the office and she asked everyone to leave and made reference to Icarus.  I loved it when he was talking to James and told him to ask Josie about her bastard baby and when the preacher set up Sally. “-Jaha

The Panelists

Olivia Linden

Olivia Linden was born in Queens, NY but raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Reading and writing were her passions from a very young age. Other than a blog and a few articles written for a website, Olivia is a newbie to the industry. Jaded Hearts (The Jaded Hearts Club Vol. 1) is her first published novel. Olivia’s writing style takes after her personality in a big way. Her sometimes sarcastic, and usually humorous tone comes across in her stories. In reality, she prefers to laugh her way through even the toughest of situations. [hr]

Katrina Pavela

Katrina Pavela is a US citizen of Indo-Jamaican origin who lives in the UK.  She has a couple of smarty pants degrees, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Scandalology, with an emphasis on the truth and consequences of the #Olitz relationship. When not spilling her feelings about Scandal on Tumblr, she puts her degrees to use in world class cultural institutions. She is pursuing a career as a roving lecturer, focusing on issues of sexuality, gender and power in visual art. Her goal is to fuse academia and pop culture in a way that is engaging, accessible and raises the level of public discourse. A recovering cupcake whore, she is now passionate about afternoon tea, during which she thinks about how she should be running.

Elde’a Harris 

Elde’a Harris is 28 years old. She works in the retail world.  She has been a #gladiatorsinasuit since day 1. Overall her favorite things in life are eating, sleeping, laughing, spending time with family and of course watching Scandal.

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