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I was a little disappointed with the Scandal episode, It’s Handled last night but by the end of the episode with Scandal Panelists Katrina Pavela, Oliva Linden, Elde’a Harris I was convinced it was a great episode.  I absolutely did love the way this episode did a lot of heavy lifting to set up the season but it worked.  So let’s talk Scandal.  Each week you will find our recording schedule here and you can live tweet with us #ScandalFanPodcast.

He is not in charge.  Power is in charge, power got him elected.” – Rowan

Rowan has no respect for Fitz whatsoever.  The President is not supreme.  We see that with the government shut down that the President is never in charge. He’s never in charge and I think that will come back throughout the season” -@number1feeling (Katrina)

“Chief of staff, secretary of state, first lady? Do you have to be so mediocre?” It is clear that no one really has any amount of respect for the position of first lady.

People were so not here for me when I said if Olivia is First Lady, that would be a demotion for her.  People don’t realize but the First Lady isn’t an actual position, it’s like being the nation’s hostess.” – @number1feeling (Katrina)

I didn’t realize Fitz called out Olivia’s name when he was shot – @ScandalPodcast

Was the case compelling, did it support the storyline/take away from it?

It wasn’t really compelling to me because we knew she wouldn’t be outed as the President’s mistress. Because somehow she’d finagle it so that it didn’t come out. But it was interesting watching the Gladiators gladiate.Did it add anything? It added enough to set up the first ten episodes.” – @Janet_TamaraFan (Elde’a)
I found the episode really compelling with Olivia being the case because for me it was a continuation for what happened with the rest of the episode.  I don’t know if you remember in 221 when Fitz was getting ready to leave Olivia’s apartment, after Cyrus came in and told them to get up and Olivia said you need to let me help you, I’m bettr than your boys in the white house. Fitz told her, if we’re going to make it you need to stand down.  He was never going to tell her because he knew she would stop her.  I think this goes way beyond him just wanting Olivia by his side or in the White House. I think we don’t even know how far and it will be revealed throughout the season.” -@number1feeling
The episode was compelling but the case itself really was not handled by the Gladiators.  She didn’t want them to handle her. We know they were handling her. The focus was on Fitz and Cyrus.  They pushed that along. Olivia Pope being handled by her own Gladiators just wasn’t compelling to me.  I still see that separation between her and them that was happening all last season.  But she is isolating herself. They’re her friends and they love her and they want to help her through this time.” -@mslissa2u (Olivia)
I think that it wasn’t just the Gladiators’ helping this episode.  Fitz tried to handle it, them Mellie tried to handle it, at first her father tried to handle it.  I think she might be involved in this plan somewhere.  And the Gladiators going behind her back and changing it by colluding with Cyrus and Mellie just f***ed up her plan a little it. Jeanine was not supposed to be a part of this plan.Who knows if she and Fitz are in cahoots with this whole thing and it’s just not all been revealed yet. For me it doesn’t mean she’s absolutely clueless about this whole thing. I don’t know” – @number1feeling  
She seemed very surprised. I don’t know anyone who would invite that much mess and drama and just hope that your plan worked and you got it taken care of and resolved. Beause that’s messy. Whether people believe that’s the next step and the lies, her name is still out there.  Whether people believe the hype or not but I can’t believe this is her end game.” – @mslissa2u
I don’t know what her complete end game is but there were two things I thought about.  Olivia Pope always talks about getting ahead of the narrative.  So if she was a part of leaking her own name, she controls the narrative because she would know how it would go, if she had any role in it. You know the whole concept of double jeopardy? For that to come up again as her name. I just feel that people wouldn’t revisit her. That thought just popped up in my head…  -@number1feeling


What was the game changing moment in the It’s Handled Episode?

When Fitz outlined his plan to Mellie. Let me let you in on this plan..That was a game changing moment.” -@mslissa2u
She’s being told every which way, I don’t want you.  I feel bad for Mellie” -@ScandalPodcast
I can’t help but feel for Mellie.  I have conflicted emotions.Olivia is the love of my life.  Was she not burnt enough waiting by that clock? -@number1feeling
I wouldn’t show my face back on tv.” -@ScandalPodcast
The beginning of the first scene with Kerry and Joe. It set the pace for the entire season how this storyline is going to go. It let you know off the bat that who’s in control of things. It’s not Olivia, it’s not Fitz, it’s not Cyrus. It looks like Rowan but he could be someone else.  But maybe he’s not the mastermind. It may be someone else…
I wouldn’t want to meet Rowan in a dark alley” – @ScandalPodcast
I wouldn’t want to meet him in a lit room.” -@mslissa2u

Favorite Tweet 

@KatieJeffcoat Favorite It's Handled Tweet “I see terrible things happening to Cy through the course of Scandal and as much as I love him, I can’t wait for Karma to make him its bitch.”-@KatieJeffcoat

The Panelists

Olivia Linden

Olivia Linden was born in Queens, NY but raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Reading and writing were her passions from a very young age. Other than a blog and a few articles written for a website, Olivia is a newbie to the industry. Jaded Hearts (The Jaded Hearts Club Vol. 1) is her first published novel. Olivia’s writing style takes after her personality in a big way. Her sometimes sarcastic, and usually humorous tone comes across in her stories. In reality, she prefers to laugh her way through even the toughest of situations.

Katrina Pavela

Katrina Pavela is a US citizen of Indo-Jamaican origin who lives in the UK.  She has a couple of smarty pants degrees, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Scandalology, with an emphasis on the truth and consequences of the #Olitz relationship. When not spilling her feelings about Scandal on Tumblr, she puts her degrees to use in world class cultural institutions. She is pursuing a career as a roving lecturer, focusing on issues of sexuality, gender and power in visual art. Her goal is to fuse academia and pop culture in a way that is engaging, accessible and raises the level of public discourse. A recovering cupcake whore, she is now passionate about afternoon tea, during which she thinks about how she should be running.

Elde’a Harris 

Elde’a Harris is 28 years old. She works in the retail world.  She has been a #gladiatorsinasuit since day 1. Overall her favorite things in life are eating, sleeping, laughing, spending time with family and of course watching Scandal.


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