SP036: Scandal – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 3×14

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

*In my honest opinion this was the best episode of Scandal to date.  I am kind of surprised Olivia comes from such cold blooded stock but still not surprised at the same time.  I know, right.  Such a conflict.  However there are the times where I feel that the reason she’s so determined to “fix” things is that she can’t fix the one thing she really wanted –her parents.  First a mother who supposedly died and then a father who’s just emotionally unavailable.  I said it this podcast, seems more like emotional rape when she goes to him and he just…well we all know what he does.  But this episode, Langstan and I (resident B Team members) are joined by a special guest, Rodimus Prime from The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast.  Check out the show, I hope you enjoy it.  – Jaha

3 Favorite moments of  Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Rowan Pope’s Speech

Olivia: I don’t know, what the point is of this.  Of democracy, of freedom of evil.  If everyone I know is a monster, what is the point?

Rowan: What happened?

Olivia: Sally Langston killed Daniel Douglas and Jake killed 3 people to cover it up, including Cyrus Beene’s husband.

Rowan: Oh, that

Olivia: Oh, that? (stands)

Rowan: Sit down, you want me to be your dad, then I’ll be your dad.

(Olivia sits)

Rowan: 183, that’s the number of people I’m responsible for killing.  Not the number of people I’ve killed, the number I’m responsible for killing. There’s a difference. You get an order to kill someone, maybe you pull the trigger but it’s not on you. If you didn’t kill the poor bastard, somebody else would. When you become Command, you are giving the orders.  You are THE one making the decisions. You decide who lives, who dies. You are responsible, so you become The Hand of God. 183, I know all of the names, I know how old they were,  if they had children, if they’ll be missed. The responsibility of that it marks me, it stains me, it never leaves me.  So whatever you think of Jake, however you want to punish him…being the Hand of God is already the worst punishment in the world.

And there is, incidentally a point. If there are no more white hats and if the deck is always stacked, and if everyone you love is a monster there is in fact someone worth saving.

Olivia: Who?

Everyone, everyone is worth saving, even the monsters and even the demons.  Everyone is worth saving. In the face of darkness, you drag everyone into the light.  That is the point. At least that is the point of you.

Rowan clutches Olivia’s hand for a moment, then says: Am I finished being dad now? Are we done?


My favorite highlight was Daddy Pope’s awesome speech in the park.  It’s kind of becoming a staple in the show.  Him and Liv meet up in the park and him shouting, which kind of defeats the purpose of meeting in the park.  On the one hand I like that he told her that you’ve always been among a pack of wolves…you can’t sit around making the cry face all of the time. The other thing was he fooled me.  He made me forget that he did that as a request for her when she asked if he could be her daddy for two minutes. Then he was like, are we done. I was like damn.”-Rodimus
The speech, why I thought it was impactful. When she was going on about if everybody’s evil and everybody’s a monster, what’s the point? Basically when he broke it down, he knows that he’s a monster and her mom’s a monster and most of the people she works with have issues.He said that’s the point of you, she’s the only good thing that he’s created during his tenure at B6-13 and what was amazing about it was he’s sitting there dressed in a black coat and she’s in the white coat; like the angel and the demon talking…trying to figure out how to save the world.  I save the world through darkness, you save it through light and your job is to drag them into the light while I manage in the dark.  It’s an impactful speech you have to go back and listen to again to catch everything that’s being said there. Because there were some messages there not only about how they both interact in the world but how they interact together.”   -Langstan
It’s also interesting too because he doesn’t see himself as evil.  He sees himself as a person trying to bring order to the chaos and his motivations when he was  command was above personal petty stuff.  Even though that’s what Liv saw him as earlier this season. He’s like that job was never about that. And she’s finally coming to grips with that. Command is bigger than the person in charge. It’s actually someone that’s trying to do the best for the country.”-Rodimus
Being command is already the worst thing you can do to someone. There’s nothing else you can do to Jake; it’s even crazier because Jake goes out and does it himself…. – Rodimus
Mine came in the beginning of the episode, is it one shooter or is two shooter.  I have to admit I felt bad afterwards but when James pushed David out of the way and started running; I was like go James go! What made me laugh was when he pushed David out of the way.”- Langstan
Mama Pope shooting Ivan was my moment.  She scared the heck out of Adnan.  That was my moment.”        -Jaha
She did leave us something to be curious about.  When Adnan asked her what their next move was and she said, well we find us a terrorist, dear. Adnan says, well you blew up that plane and Mama Pope says, that was personal ” -Langstan
Mellie finally getting her life. She’s been holding back for so long. I know in We don’t touch the first ladies, she kissed Andrew. But I’m kind of on her side…  – Rodimus



I would have hated to be Liv growing up. Mama Pope’s switch hand had to be nice. @rodimusprime

Welp James RIP.  You bobbed when you should have weaved. @scandalpodcast

I said last week if you shoot 2 people in front of me ur gonna shoot me in the bck. @rodimusprime

When they tortured Billy..to me that’s when they 1st had sex. @LangstanSmith #HuckleberryQuinn

My Favorite Quote

"I don't make bombs, I make money." -Momma Pope, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Favorite Tweets from the Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang Episode



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