SP045: 4×4 Scandal – Like Father, Like Daughter

This episode we barely got through the full thing before I had to run off like a gazelle. But we did it Gladiators!

Like Father, Like Daughter was a great episode, it rocked.


First things first, all of the episodes of the Scandal Fan Podcast are visible! WOOHOO!!!

It had the Scandal pacing we are so used to and Liv gave a lip quicker that rocked 30 seconds of the OLITZ nation. It wasjohn-the-baptist-rowan-quote-tom epic. I even felt the voracity of the emotions that came through in that moment. But Liv does feel like her mother ruined her and Fitz by stepping way across the line and murdering Fitz’s son. Since Fitz now thinks it’s Jake that had his son murdered and rode off into the sunset between HIS sugar thighs, I fear for Jake’s life!

No, I really…well I really don’t fear for Jake’s life. I think Jake is just going to be tortured and possibly murdered. I have no idea what Olivia is going to figure out with the next episode being titled, “The Key”. I mean David gave Jake the key to the Scary Killer Files so that could be what next episode references. But this Like Father, Like Daughter title had so many meanings other than the one Mellie prescribed to it. Liv is tenacious just like her father and she wants to have her way just like Poppa Pope, so we will see how this plays out. Especially since the episode after that is “Innocent Man” or something of that nature. So it seems we will be seeing way more of Scott Foley than I have ever wanted to see in my life but we will get some great torture scenes out of it. Maybe this time Poppa Pope won’t miss when he uses the knife.

Spoiler alert: I think we will see less of Tom as well…but you probably already knew that. *Sips Kermit tea*

When Fitz asked Olivia, “Where did you go?” I almost burst into tears. Ok, ok, I did have a little bit of tearage going on over here. But really I heard Rihanna’s “Where have you been”, sowhere-did-you-go-fitzng playing in my head. If you know the song, you can see how applicable it would have been to that question. Maybe not that scene because it really wasn’t going to allow us to feel the true emotion of it but if they had Ri Ri come in and do a slowed down version of it, I could see that. Or when the plane was taking off and we saw Fitz on the floor, have “I want you to stay,” playing by Rihanna. Phew, love that song. Because remember, we saw Fitz in the Oval on his knees and Liv flying off into the sunset.

Now that I think about it, last episode, Mellie had every right to be angry with Olivia. She had already rejected Liv but knowing that her husband was down and needed her, she couldn’t reach her. I can go on but I won’t as this episode has already been pushed out late. I had somewhere to be this weekend yall. Tried to get it done before but we butted up against my timeframe, so my apologies. If you were watching live, you saw me rush off of the podcast and get the After Dark episode done because it needed to be sent out but I really had somewhere to go out of town. Thanks for your understanding fellow Gladiators, it is MUCH appreciated!

Guest for the Like Father, Like Daughter episode

Shane B from DC!

Much Love to my Like Father, Like Daughter episode Co-Hosts

Langstan Smith & Eldea Harris