SP037: Scandal – Mama Said Knock You Out 3×15

Mama Said Knock You Out Scandal Episode 3x15


On the Scandal Episode Mama Said Knock You Out, Olivia had several wig push back moments.  First, Mama Pope called her the help, then Fitz charged and punched out Andrew because he got a little bit of Mellie’s sweet thighs.  Olivia sends Andrew away when he wants to storm in on Mellie and Fitz having an argument only to end up getting yelled at by Fitz during the same wife-husband argument.  Well…I can’t say I didn’t see that coming.  He put Olivia in her ‘place’ and Mellie also put her in her ‘place’…um what is keeping Olivia around again?  Oh yeah….good ole love.  #ICantBeThatCrazyForAnybody #TheSuperPowerMustBeSquared #MellieNeededAPartition #EwMom

We had a few impromptu Gladiators drop in on us this episode, lol.  So, my apologies for uh kicking you all out of the hangout so abruptly.  That was just an error, hey we’re all human here, nothing to see…nothing to see… also mad shout outs to Gladiator in Harlem.  Thanks so much for your support! She is live tweeting, joining us on the hangout and joining the conversation and we love you for that, lady!

Momma Pope / Marie Wallace / Maya Lewis Phone call Scene with Olivia Transcript on the Mama Said Knock You Out Episode

(Cell phone rings)

Olivia: Hello.

Marie: Hello, Olivia. How are you? (Creepy mom voice)

Olivia: What do you want?

Marie: I want Adnan back.

Olivia: So you can kill her?

Marie: I know you think you’re on the right side of this, but you’re not. Believe me you’re not.

Olivia: What I know…is that you are…a terrorist! A traitor to your own country.

Marie: Maybe, but I’d rather be a traitor than what you are Livvy. Cleaning up those people’s messes. Fixing up their lives. You think you’re family, but you’re nothing but the help and you don’t even know it.

Olivia: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Marie: Oh, I do. I do. And if that’s all you want for your life, baby, then I guess it’s none of my business. So I’m gonna stay out of it. Just as long as you stay out of mine. <– Creepy mom voice again

You Are Alone – Scene between Rowan and Jake on the Mama Said Knock You Out Episode

(Jake arrives at Rowan’s Smithsonian office)

Rowan: What are you doing here?

Jake: I figured you’d be free. This fake job of yours can’t keep you too busy…now can it?

Rowan: Actually I am busy. I’m preparing a lecture on the Great Auk. Thanks for stopping by, Jake.

(Jake pulls the pen from Rowan’s hand)

Rowan: Do I need to call security?

Jake: What you NEED to do is stay out of my business.

Rowan: YOUR business?

Jake: Yes, MY business. You’re not Command anymore…that’s my title and when I find out that you’ve been in touch with my agents…that you’ve MET with some of my people at the D.O.D. and the C.B.O., well…A. It makes me wonder what you’re up to and B. It makes me wonder if the terms of your retirement need to be revisited. Do they need to be revisited?

Rowan: It’s haaarrrd isn’t it? Being THEE man who makes THEE decisions…having that burden, bearing that cross. Most people have FAMILY and…and loved ones…to talk to. But people like us? We only. have. each. other.

That’s the reason you’re here…yes? I mean the REAL reason. To look into my eyes and remind yourself that others have walked this path before…you. Not that you’d ever admit it. God forbid that we should ever show weakness.

Better to say…you’re here…on business…to threaten me and flex your muscles, but that’s all just pretense. Isn’t it? A way to feel less alone in the world. To see that I too have stood in your shoes? Well guess what? YOU’RE ALONE!

The path that you walk is not my path. The shoes that you stand in are not my shoes. We are are not equals…nor will. we. ever. BE. You. are. A-LONE. (Long Pause) Was there something else?

Jake: No. But thank you for reminding me that when I decide to kill you…I need to do it all by myself.

Rowan: MmHm

(Jake laughs slightly and leaves)

*D.O.D. = Department of Defense
*C.B.O. = Congressional Budget Office

A-Team’s 3 Favorite Moments in the Mama Said Knock You Out Episode

First one was the Liv and Cyrus scene and that was towards the end of the episode.  I just like the interaction between them, I’m glad they’re in scenes together again.  The Fitz and Mellie scene, that argument–I thought that was a very powerful scene. I know people on twitter were going crazy because it contradicted something that was said previously.Then the Quinn and Huck scene.  It was weird and creepy and it was like watching brother and sister kiss.  It’s like the student has mastered the teacher.  – Elde’a
Obviously the Mellie and Fitz scene, that was so well done.  Even with the 2 women walking away from him and I felt bad for Mellie.  Because Fitz still doesn’t know what’s going on…then mama Pope.  The third scene was Rowan and Jake. I was snapping all over the place. What he said about Jake–I thought it was a really powerful scene.  It wasn’t like Rowan being old and black in that scene.  -Katrina
The highlight for me was the phone call between Olivia and her mother because that call extinguished the loving feeling she had for her mom. That phone call made it very clear that Momma Pope knew exactly what she was doing and the help. I was like, ok mama, nice talking to you.  The next highlight was the Quinn and Charlie argument, not because it was a great scene but because of the direction.  Now she’s starting to see him the way she should have seen him in the beginning. Her crazy stalker boyfriend. And the people you’re dealing with–I would just assume Charlie has my place bugged.  I would just assume he had cameras on me…and the conversation between Fitz and Mellie because it did shed light on their relationship from both sides at once.  It’s one thing to think your wife is frigid and then find out it’s something particular to you. -Olivia

My Favorite Tweets from the Mama Said Knock You Out Episode




The A-Team  <–Click the Link to find out more about these awesome Gladiators

Katrina Pavela – Will work on Scandal Questions on Monday for those of you that inboxed her.

Olivia Linden – Chillin like a villian, lol

Elde’a Harris – Giving us mad scarf effects (gotta check out the video to see)

Special thanks to Langstan Smith from the B-Side for providing the scene transcripts.

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