SP022: Scandal Podcast is Back & Ready with New Panelists for S3

Scandal Podcast with Jaha Knight


So the Podcast is back and we are ready to get it in with all of you Gladiators tonight during the Scandal Premiere!  We have a whole new look, mimicking the awesome design of this season’s poster graphics and we’ve carried that look throughout.

Every Thursday Night at 10p EST

During this season’s episodes, you will be able to tweet with us throughout the episode @ScandalPodcast and our favorite tweets from the night’s episode will be highlighted in the next day’s episode!


Where can you find the Scandal Podcast?

You can listen to us on Itunes/Stitcher/Zune or Youtube

We will be recording the episodes live on these dates with the respective panelists from Panel A and Panel B (we have got to come up with better group names for the panelists.)  During the taping of the Scandal Podcast, we will take to twitter with the hashtag #ScandalFanPodcast and you can chat back with us as we are recording the episode.  You will be able to watch us live at JahaKnight.com/ScandalPodcast during the times we are recording, as well.

Here are our weekly panelists: Scandal Podcast with Jaha Knight @ScandalPodcast, Katrina Pavela @numbr1feeling, Olivia Linden @mslissa2u, and Elde'a Harris @Janet_TamaraFanPanel A

I got busy during the hiatus and made a few graphics of the cast and the quotes that I loved.  Feel free to take the images and share!

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