Scandal Return Date for 2017 Comes Just in Time to Get out of Rehab


ABCs hit TV show Scandal is returning.

And if you don’t have January 19, 2017 circled in permanent marker on your desk calendar, I don’t know what life you’re living.

With it’s twisty plotlines and Olivia Pope strut…Scandal has a permanent tattoo on my breast bone.
Even camera clicks make me feel some kinda way…Did you hear me? Shonda has ruined cameras for me…
You know sometimes I find it hard to believe that Kerry Washington is the same
girl in that movie, Save the Last Dance. I even forget that Joe Morton was a Blues Brother and Whitley left him at the altar…woo Whitley is lucky, if he’d met Scandal first, she would have been the one locked in a bunker for her entire kid’s life…Maya girl you need to track Whitley down and whup her butt because she ruined Poppa Pope before yall even had a chance..

But back to Kerry…

Who knew years later she’d be on a change making hit tv show, fast walking,
fast talking, loving two men and having abortions live on tv? She was just talking about getting home to
her son on Save the Last Dance on tv yesterday…at least it feels like yesterday.

And Tony…he was always a murderer, yall.
Let me not bring up Ghost…he killed Sam! What did Sam ever do to him? I’m sure Shonda pitched
the role to him and said he’d be a slightly sleezy president and Tony said, “I’m cool with that…after your first
tv murder, the second gets easier…” Verna…yall remember Verna – a perfectly nice ole whistle blowing lady
and Fitz smothered that ass with a pillow. A pillow…I’m laying on a pillow right now and quite frankly
I don’t think it’s cute to be smothered by one. They’re so comfy and unassuming…
Unless you played in Ghost, lol…

I believe I was watching Criminal Minds and Bellamy Young played Hodge’s girlfriend. You remember Hodge, right
The real guy got kicked off of Criminal Minds quite recently and I don’t know how that franchise will survive losing Shemar Moore AND Hodge (Ok so I didn’t google his real name) but I know some Shemar Moore…that man just gets finer with every turning of the year. Yes, Jesus…But back to Bellamy – she was also brave. Dating a man whose wife was brutally murdered by an obsessed serial killer. Becoming the manipulative, woe is me Mellie had to be an easier role to take on.

But that’s their pasts, right?

We’re Finally going to Focus on Scandal Return date 2017 – January 19

I have to admit in the past to be skeptical of the prowess of the show. Wondering if
like old boyfriends, I would lose interest quickly and let go, but it’s been years and
It still holds my attention.

Men take note. Give me twisty plots and camera clicks and I could be all yours. This 1978 model is drama free and she has a Poppa Pope of her own…so be cautious.

Our show, the Scandal Fan Podcast is also returning, better than ever in Season 6. 

But before that happens, we’re taping a live #ScandalRewind Season 5 episode. We’re going to recap the season and get prepared for Season 6. If you’d like to join us, you are more than welcome to do so. Details happen when you click the link above. Until then, buckle up fellow Scandal Fans, we’re about to get back on and ride this bucking bronco of a show…until the dj turns the house lights back up and our sloppy drunk friends are hoarse from cheering on the sidelines.