SP020: Scandal Rewind – Beltway Unbuckled S2 E4

Beltway Unbuckled



She starts this episode off pissed with Fitz because he’s sleeping in the baby’s room on the sofa.  Now correct me if I’m wrong but the baby isn’t going to come straight out of the hatch and use the couch as a bed so Mellie didn’t have to make such a big deal about Fitz sleeping there.

Mellie wants a seat at the table and not the kiddie table during this episode.  Is Mellie ever happy?  She’s always complaining about something.  Then she refers to the election –wanting to take a part in the administration like she did then but the reality is, everybody was promised something that they didn’t get.  Just ask Sally Langston about her justice appointment.  In the end since they won’t give her a platform, she makes her own.  Mellie is a great actress.


Is impressed by Olivia’s use of the media and the parents to push the White House into a corner.  Cyrus was a bit of a footnote this episode.  He didn’t have a dozen witty lines but he did have a couple great ones.  He doesn’t sound envious when he tells Fitz that the women in his life play a mean ball of political chess.  He sounds relieved that he doesn’t have to deal with women at all and happier still that it isn’t him.

Cyrus ends up setting Olivia and Fitz up on a date that Olivia wasn’t aware she was participating in.


Loved when Olivia is walking out after getting the information on Lavich.  This episode starts to show Olivia unravelling visibly and she is letting Edison be her rebound.  This episode had to drive team #OLITZ a little crazy.  Olivia pushed too hard and now Fitz is like…aiiight I’m done too then.  He left to go on an overseas trip with a broken heart.  Despite Fitz invitation, Olivia said no and ended up boo hooing in the restaurant.  Don’t worry girl a few episodes from now and yall will be back in each other’s breathing space.


Tries to play hardball with Olivia and is dismissive to Mellie and this is all to his detriment as Mellie and Olivia join forces to rally to the side of Jenny’s parents.

Fitz is all beaten down this episode by Mellie and Olivia.  I felt sorry for him as they sat in the restaurant and he made that questioning speech to Olivia, almost as if he were asking her permission to let her go while he was saying the very same words.  I mean the man cleared out an entire restaurant for you–talk about ungrateful, Olivia.


Abby is feeling herself this episode.  She’s literally up in Liv’s face.  There was a moment when she looked at Harrison when she tells Olivia they could need her help while she’s on her way to sit with Verna and Olivia says she’ll come back to the office soon.  Olivia turns off her phone while with Verna and they get details about Lavich of Kirkestan.  Abby will not be denied in every area of her life.  David won’t let her come over and Olivia won’t let her in on what’s really going on so she takes matters in her own hands.  Abby resolves one of the challenges–she breaks into David’s apartment and sees his conspiracy wall of crazy.

Abby breaks into David’s house for the second time in the day.  She begins to betray Olivia right in the moment she steps in the shower.


This is the second time a client’s come into the office and Quinn has raised the parent’s hopes.  The first was when Amanda Tanner’s father came out looking for her.  Didn’t Olivia tell her the last time to keep her mouth shut and stop giving false hope to people, but here she goes again telling them about the girl in the hospital instead of taking the information to the OPA team first.  Welp, it wasn’t Jenny and Quinn learned today.

Quinn wants to know why no one except Abby questions Olivia.  Uh Quinn don’t get it twisted, Abby may have the cahoonas to question Olivia but she gets the brick wall.  Maybe if you stopped being lil Ms. I just got an identity two weeks ago and stand up for yourself you too will be able to find out more about what’s going on around you before you get to crazy status.


Making up a story about his mom calling to get Abby out of the room.  David is avoiding allowing Abby to come over to his house because of his wall of insanity in the middle of his living room.


Huck makes the best speeches.  He had that speech at the end of the episode with Jenny’s dad.  It was a good speech.  He ends up killing Lavich and everyone said, “Amen”.  Huck gets the hard jobs done.   Huck feels like he’s gone past the point of no return.


Harrison is happy that he didn’t have to earn a bookkeeping degree, he doesn’t care what Olivia does because he knows she’s a good person and if she has to do a couple bad things to get to the end result he doesn’t have a problem with it.  If we all had that type of gratitude in our lives uppermost in our minds everyday we’d all have better lives.  It was an interesting moment.


Case this episode

Jenny is a missing constituent of Edison (with his cute self) <–you all can’t be mad that I think Edison is cute.  How convenient that Harrison put the pieces together that the blog that Jenny runs hasn’t been updated since Saturday the 17th.  Jenny was sleeping around with all the powerful men of DC and spreading her legs got her facedown in a ditch, suffocating on dirt and bleeding out.

The Drama


Favorite quotes this episode

Let the slut shaming begin,” – Abby
Yes, Dead girl bad, violent, people are bad.  I’m feeling emotions. You can’t be here. – Cyrus
I could be running Harvard right now.  I had the job, I turned it down.” – Cyrus
Wait! Is that the company that young girl blew up, the case the government screwed the pooch on.  Whoever lost that thing is about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.  That wasn’t your case?  Ouch!” – Hollis



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