SP016: Scandal Rewind – Grant For the People S1 E7


The scene with Live & Cyrus was one of my favorites in the White House after Fitz gave the big speech about a man who isn’t president…that scene with Liv and Cyrus is one of my favorites.   You get to see Cyrus vulnerability and you get to seehim play on Liv’s sense of right and wrong.” -Elde’a
Steven had the sensibility of OPA but it was odd.  He was a dichotomy, he upheld the morality of OPA but he was cheating on his girlfriend at the same time.” – Jaha
I was one of the few people who didn’t like David being with OPA, I need David being David, he is the law”-Elde’a
If Fitz would have taken control, this episode would have been perfect. – Elde’a

The Drama


About our One-On-One Guest 

Elde’a Harris is 28 years old. She works in the retail world.  She has been a #gladiatorsinasuit since day 1. Overall her favorite things in life are eating, sleeping, laughing, spending time with family and of course watching Scandal. Her Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr you can follow me on all these @eldeascandalobssessed Her email is – eldearelayer@gmail.com






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