SP019: #Scandal Rewind – Hunting Season S2 E3

Hunting Season Panel Scandal



The Quotes

I love Edison, I think he’s such a cool dude and I was glad to see him appear this season.” – jaha
What Olivia does is more than a Senator’s wife.” – Abigail
I don’t think Olivia gave Edison a chance.  This was rebound dating.  She didn’t want to add to her number, so she just went ahead and went with the flow of being with Edison instead of just saying, Edison this is what I want.  She does it with everything else, why didn’t she do it with him?” – jaha
Shonda always does these parallels, it was the beginning of Edison and Liv well the re beginning but it was also the beginning of Dabby.” – Abigail
So along those lines I thought that maybe Liv, with OPA is trying to create the family she never had and I think that may be followed up in Season 3. -Abigail


The Drama

The One-on-One Panel

Abigail Bereola-blackgirlseeks.com

Abigail is a college student who lives on one coast and attends school on the other. On Thursday nights at 10pm when the show is not on hiatus, you will find her watching Scandal.


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